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8 reasons why people buy luxury condos

With changing times, the dwellings in which we too reside have seen considerable changes. The higher level of living today testifies to a dramatic change in the lifestyle preferences of property buyers of the modern century. You desire much more than four walls and a garden. It is this change in purchasers’ mentality that inspired developers like ourselves to build amazing creations. In our years of expertise as developers of real estate, we have realised that customers who choose luxury condos have a specific taste and are always looking for projects that satisfy it. We have outlined in the following points 8 reasons why people buy luxury homes:

1.     Status aspiration

Purchasing a fancy house is prestigious – and why not? After all, most luxury homeowners with hard-earned money have purchased their pride and joy. They would like to live in residences that advertise their arrival and offer a greater lifestyle instead of a postal address.

2.     Comfort 

The residences are designed to meet the needs of a comfortable living. Features like pools, themed gardens, gyms, meditation centres, manicured laundry facilities, computerised security, responsive touch-button equipment and close-by entertainment and shopping help to make life more comfortable and pleasurable.

3.     Best investment 

One of the first things in which “invest” is real estate, considering it as the best value-added asset and a good return in the future. Luxury condos often raise value on the real estate market; therefore, they are one of the greatest investment possibilities. The numerous returns have enhanced the demand for the luxury home in the future.

4.     Condominium safety

Most condominiums have a safety door to the building or security door. Some even have cameras at the front or at the gate. So you are less likely to have a random person facing your property.

You’ve got nearby neighbours who can watch for you. And if you find a few levels up, then it is unlikely that someone will climb to your unit.

5.     Value of property

The demand for luxury residences is always based on the fact that the real estate market demonstrates that there are more people looking for homes than for houses. For this reason, your investment in the property can be an advantage when your home value increases. A home is considered an asset because it has a dual function — it gains value even as you live in it for your investment portfolio. This is why luxury condos might become a wonderful investment option. The demands of property owners searching for ultra-modern lifestyles go from solar generators to remotely controlled window shutters.

6.     Unique features

The unique architectural aspects distinguish them from other projects. In addition, these projects are recognised as landmarks of the location in which they are located.

7.     Better neighbours

The advantages of living with your family in luxury condos are not simply convenient. Luxury housing projects are also viewed as the perfect place to grow up in youngsters and socialise with adults. After all, such enterprises are essentially a society with a degree of culture, education and belief – in short, better neighbours.

8.     Emblem of status

A luxurious house is a status and prestigious symbol. People are working hard and saving more to buy luxury condos and deserve a reputation. These residences are announcing your arrival, not just a postal address. It is because of the prestige aspect that the segment is targeted by rich and valuable people such as company managers, high-profile entrepreneurs, industrialists and famous people.


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