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Why Is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

One of the most frustrating events for a homeowner is to have their AC running but not cooling, particularly when this happens in the middle of the summer. You may start by turning the thermostat on and off, hoping to get the desired results, or hope that once you reset the breaker everything will start cooling as it should. However, when none of the old tricks work, you may have no other option but to request AC repair in Houston. Let’s see what else might be responsible for your AC equipment to sound as if it is running but the air that comes out is not cooling the area.

Determine the Outside Temperature

If the problem has lasted only a few days and the outdoor temperatures have been unusually high, your AC equipment may be running fine even though it seems to be blowing some air. What this means is that your system may have been programmed to handle up to a certain temperature and will not cool once that has been surpassed. Hopefully, the temperature will soon return to normal, and your unit will keep you cool again.

Look at Your Thermostat

If you are sharing the home with other people, the fact that the AC seems to be only blowing air but not cooling may be because someone else, on purpose or accidentally, moved the setting from “cool” to “fan”. Reset it to cool and verify that the problem has resolved itself. Otherwise, keep on with the detective work.

Check Your AC Filter

If you are having a hard time remembering the last time your air filter was changed, a clogged filter may be the reason why your AC is blowing air but not cooling. In general, you should aim to change your system’s filter about once a month or every couple of months if the AC is not used too frequently. Change the filter now and check if the cooling problem is now fixed.

Check for Clogged Coils

Both the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser in your AC equipment need regular maintenance. There are coils in both of them, which are essential in determining how well your home is cooled.

The coils in the outdoor condenser help release heat from your AC, but if they become clogged it is not possible for them to release heat effectively and will not be able to cool your home. You do not need to be an expert AC technician to go outside and perform any repairs. Just go outside and see the condition of the condenser. If the coils seem clogged with grass clippings and other garden debris, take a few minutes to leave your unit as clean as possible and see if the issue has been fixed. You may use your garden hose to get the unit fully clean.

The coils in the indoor air handler will become clogged if you fail to change your AC filter as often as it should be changed. If you see that the coils are clogged, do not attempt to clean them on your own but call for an expert AC technician to come and do the cleaning.

Leaking refrigerant

The refrigerant is the liquid that runs inside the copper coils in your AC equipment. Its job is to absorb heat from the air in the evaporator coil. Every AC unit must be filled with an exact amount of refrigerant to do a proper job. If it starts to leak out, the cooling effect will be compromised. When this happens, it is not a matter of going out to buy more fluid. You must find the leak and have it fixed to protect the lifespan of your equipment. Do not attempt to fix a leak alone but call a trained HVAC technician.

Aging AC System

You should know that no matter how well you care for your AC equipment, it will not last forever. If your unit is over 10 years old and has recently been giving you trouble, the time might have come to have it replaced. You may also have been dealing with an undersized unit for the area that you wish to have cooled, and you may have no other option but to finally bite the bullet and get new AC equipment. Since this is an investment you do not want to take lightly, get the expert opinion of your AC technician before purchasing a new one.


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