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How to Ace the New Jersey Real Estate Exam

Acing any exam is always an intimidating task, especially if the exam decides your professional career. For example, the New Jersey Real Estate salesperson exam proves to be a hassle for most candidates that appear in it. With a low passing rate, clearing this exam is a feat. However, despite being complex, this task is possible if the correct studying strategies are used.

How to Prepare for the New Jersey Real Estate Exam 

  • Start Studying Early

As for any professional exam, candidates for the NJ real estate exam should start studying months in advance to have a chance at clearing the exam – or at least getting above-average marks. There are several resources one can use to study the exam’s course content successfully:

  • Community colleges – Many localized colleges have started offering real estate-related courses and tips to help get ready for state exams
  • Online courses – Several interactive resources are now available on the Internet, which helps with the course content, time management, and test pattern comprehension.
  • Real Estate Schools – Specialized schools have started springing up over the country, making real estate education more accessible.    

The course for this exam is quite lengthy as it covers a wide range of topics, from license law to mortgage and valuation. The material itself is easy to comprehend. However, without thorough study, it is difficult to retain. 

  • Understand The Exam Pattern

The NJ real estate salesperson test consists of 110 multiple-choice questions divided into two categories: 80 general questions and 30 questions about agency laws, fair housing laws, New Jersey license law, and the New Jersey Real Estate Commission rules. It is best to practice NJ real estate exam using sample tests based on the original test pattern. Doing so will help you get an idea of what the exam paper will look like so that you are aware when appearing for the test.

The test duration is four hours, and although it may look like an ample amount of time, it is often not, given the difficulty level of the questions. It is best to practice full-length exam papers while giving yourself a time constraint. Learning how to correctly divide and manage your time during the exam beforehand will help you focus better and prevent anxiety due to fretting over how much longer you have left in the already tense environment of the exam room.

  • Prepare for the Worst

The test is designed to purposefully make it complex for those appearing in it. This helps sift the best of the candidates to qualify further. One should not expect the exam to test their retention of the course content or how well they can recall facts. 

Instead, the questions are structured in a difficult-to-comprehend way, even for the best candidates. These questions require knowledge beyond the scope of what most candidates have prepared for. Some questions may be more difficult than others, and these truly help identify which students will clear the exam more successfully.  

  • Fight Discouragement

The NJ real estate exam is hard to clear, even for the best of students. To pass the exam, a candidate has to get 77 questions right, which is 70% of the total. While the average pass rate of the test is very low, no official statistics are available about the passing rate because this information is kept confidential by the relevant authorities. Despite having a notoriously low success rate, the NJ real estate exam is not impossible. 

By paying attention to the provided course material and using the correct preparation strategies, candidates can clear the exam even on the first try. Even if you can not clear the test on your first attempt, you can retake the test multiple times a year for an additional fee, allowing you to improve your score with each attempt.

  • Work Smarter

Most students may believe cramming the course content will give them a better chance of performing on the test. However, as aforementioned, this tactic does not work due to the intricate framing of the test questions. 

It is better to study smartly by taking help from learning tools like flashcards and interactive online courses to understand better what you are learning so that you can apply it in a more efficient manner. If done correctly, studying only a couple of hours a week can also guarantee excellent scores. Otherwise, even months of study may not help you clear the test.


The New Jersey real estate salesperson exam may be tough, but several students manage to clear it every year, proving that this feat is not entirely impossible. By applying smart studying strategies, you can rest assured that you can pass the test on your first attempt, or get a near-perfect score.


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