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Add Value To Your Home With Custom Design

Make your home stand out in 2020 with your own unique custom design. Top designers can help you create custom builds while observing recent reoccurring trends. Technology and sustainability are key themes if you want to increase value in the future. Smart interior design tricks can help to bring it up to date as well. By adding some personal touches, you’ll give your home an exclusive appeal. Here are some basic tips on how to revamp your home this year.

Start From Scratch

For new builds and properties look into custom home designs by bay to beach builders. Starting from scratch means you have the freedom to create a unique and personal design. If your building from scratch it’s important to think carefully about the materials you want. For a more timeless look, go for more natural options such as good quality wood paneling. These add protection and style to your exterior. If you’re redoing your bathroom go for marble, stone or ceramics. Look into book-matched marble tiling for a very elegant touch.

Combine Rustic and Modern

The notion of “farm-house chic” is popular this year, which fabulously combines both a rustic ambiance with elegant and modern fixtures. Imagine a country house but fully functioning and high-tech. Juxtapose new, modern appliances with blonde woods, and plenty of plants and flowers. A touch of greenery will help to create a calming atmosphere. There are many low maintenance species if you’re not particularly green-thumbed. When customizing your home it’s wise to consider the origin of the materials you are using and how long they will last. Keep sustainability in mind and a stylish yet eco-friendly option is to go for some vintage designs. Fill your living room with vintage accessories, and decorate your kitchen with traditional crockery and classic patterns.

Custom Flooring

Decent flooring will keep the heat in and protect you from outside temperatures. Proper insulation will also reduce energy consumption is by making sure heat won’t escape through the floor. You will save a lot of money on your heating and air-conditioning, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint. There are plenty of sustainable options for custom flooring, that doesn’t compromise on style. Glass tiling can be used to create beautiful and individual mosaic designs which will certainly add value to your house. Linoleum is back in style as well and available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Smart Appliances

Consider upgrading your household appliances such as your washing machine, oven, and other fixtures. Newer models will not only reduce your energy consumption but are also much more stylish and work better in general. Most of these new models have the option to be controlled from a device or smartphone. Your heating and electricity can also be monitored using a single app. It’s there the most clever thing you can do to go smart this year.

Your custom upgrades will add value to your home both monetary and sentimental. Make sure you get professional advice before going ahead.


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