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Handy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Are you aware of the importance of AC maintenance? Although professional HVAC maintenance should always be your first choice, there are certain routine tasks you can tackle on your own.

The indoor and outdoor unit should be kept clean for airflow not to sustain any reduction in quality. The least homeowners can do is check the condition of the thermostat, air filters, and the condenser’s fan blades.

Have a look at the following AC maintenance tips in detail.

Check the thermostat

One of the simplest maintenance tasks for homeowners to complete is examining the thermostat of their air-conditioning units. This device has to work properly to maintain an optimal temperature, as well as ensure the unit turns on. In case the thermostat is faulty or adjusted to the wrong settings, your AC won’t switch on.

Homeowners whose air conditioners are equipped with an old, mechanical thermostat should upgrade to a newer model. Nowadays, smart programmable thermostats are the latest trend in this industry, allowing homeowners to have better control over temperature. You can make adjustments to temperature when out of the house, such as setting the AC to a higher temperature half an hour before arriving home.

By keeping track of your thermometer, you will also maximize savings. These smart devices monitor energy use and report the results. Make sure you check out the services of this company, offering AC assistance to homeowners. Keep in mind that HVAC technicians are experts in installing programmable thermostats.

Inspect the air filters

Another maintenance tip that homeowners should have in mind is checking the condition of the air filters. It’s of vital importance for the filters to be clean instead of full of dirt and dust. The more dirt and dust accumulate, the worse the quality of indoor air. As a result, the system has no other option but to work harder to maintain airflow.

Homeowners can prevent such symptoms from happening by replacing the filters multiple times throughout the year. For instance, filters should be replaced monthly in the course of summer and winter, when AC units are used most frequently. In spring and autumn, they should be replaced only once.

Nevertheless, air quality is best kept optimal by installing a high-quality filter. In contrast, low-quality filters made of fiberglass aren’t considered effective in capturing tiny particles like pollen, viruses, and bacteria. Hence, they need to be changed every single month.

Pleated filters, on the other hand, are popular for their capacity for capturing small particles. It’s important for individuals to check the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. The higher the rating, the better the capturing ability. Household members with allergies, asthma issues, and pets are highly recommended to upgrade to a more effective filtration system with a high MERV rating. This link,, describes the MERV scale and similar scales.

Take care of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit should also be taken care of, as it also affects the capacity of the system. Unless this unit is cleaned regularly, dirt, leaves, and grass might have a harmful influence on airflow. The first step of the process involves shutting off the power to the AC unit.

Once you have no doubts that power is disconnected, make sure you take a garden hose to remove the debris from top to bottom. While many homeowners are tempted to use a power washer, remember that it can cause damage to the unit by bending its delicate fins. These fins have to be straight in order for the unit to cool as expected.

Additionally, make sure all plants and shrubs around the unit are trimmed regularly. Otherwise, they’ll cause obstructions to the airflow.

Check the condenser’s fan blades

The shape of the condenser’s fan blades is of great importance for the cooling capacity of air conditioners. Prior to inspecting their condition, remember to turn off the power. Upon noticing any chips or cracks, you should have the fan blades replaced. Anyhow, they will be successfully replaced only if the model matches the condenser.

Final thoughts

If you have the time, why not spare some of it on AC maintenance?

It’s the least you can do for your air conditioner!


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