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Most Amazing Miami Lofts for Sale

Miami lofts are hotter than ever.  Over the last decade, condo building designs in South Florida have evolved a great deal.  Gone are the days of low ceilings and small, boxed-in kitchens and rooms. The public has spoken, and they prefer expansive floor plans.  These enhanced spaces can be achieved in non-traditional ways by removing construction elements that were once mandatory.

Lofts are an exceptional solution to maximizing the look and feel of condo spaces. Through unfinished ceilings and the removal of mazes of walls, loft condos are able to achieve a much larger, more modern feel.  Buyers are happy because they are able to acquire homes with distinct, cool identities.  Developers are happy because they can build hip residences, while saving on construction costs. In the end, both buyers and developers win by the lower pricing that loft units are able to achieve.

Miami Lofts are Hot

In looking at the market of Miami lofts for sale, the majority of the inventory resides in the downtown Miami.  After all, an urban feel bodes well for the overall loft concept. Most people tend to associate lofts with large cool spaces in New York City that were originally used by the artists, musicians and creative sorts of people.  Miami lofts have a different vibe, namely, we are warmer and brighter than the big city to the north. However, we do have a tremendous art crowd, the Art Basel Event in December is perhaps that greatest assemblage of art and art lovers on Planet Earth.  Consequently, the headquarters of Art Basel, Wynwood, has exploded in popularity as of late. Expect to see many new Miami lofts coming to market in the future within this incredible neighborhood.  For now, lets go ahead and examine some of the best loft buildings in our Magic City.

Ten Museum Park

Love, love, love this building! Designed by the legendary architect Chad Oppenheim, Ten Museum Park was the maverick of Miami lofts.  In fact, the building is still viewed by many as the only true luxury high-rise loft. Lines 1-4 all face directly east, offering an incredible water views through double-high 20 foot walls of glass that connect the living areas to the outdoor terraces.  These units are in huge demand, so much so that in viewing the Ten Museum Park condos for sale there is usually less than a handful of the double-high loft units on the market at any point in time.  Without question, these are some of the most desirably lofts in Miami.  The location just off of the entrance/exit to the Mac Arthur Causeway is also a huge plus as residents can zip back and forth to South Beach with relative ease.

 Canyon Ranch Miami Beach Lofts

One of my absolute favorite oceanfront development also has some amazing lofts.  The Canyon Ranch Miami Beach lofts are a beautiful sight to see.  There are few better sites to wake up to in the mornings that the gorgeous Miami sunrises viewed through a massive 20 foot high wall of glass.  Coupled with the incredible amenities that this oceanfront development has to offer, the loft units are high on exclusivity and luxury.  Living at Canyon Ranch in the past has been an incredible experience, the overall healthy lifestyle ecosystem is like none other in Miami.  I made incredible improvements in my life while living there relating to nutrition, yoga, mediation, strength  and overall health. Additionally, the location of the development on the sand makes the loft lifestyle incredibly unique. Double thumbs up for the loft units at Canyon Ranch.

Marina Blue

The Marina Blue Miami lofts are quiet impressive. Residing a couple of blocks away from Ten Museum Park, the waterfront area is known for its convenience and beautiful luxury buildings.  The 18 foot high lofts in this stunning modern building provide some incredible views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The sixty-story building stands out for an incredible array of amenities that include a beach volleyball in the sky, a lap pool and fun barbecue area that’s a fun place for socializing. The game room, fitness centers and yoga & aerobics studios are also nice additions to the well-designed community.  It’s also a huge perk to reside directly across the street from American Airlines Arena, the home to the Miami Heat and countless other concerts and events.

The Bright Future of Lofts in Miami

All in all, Miami lofts are incredibly sought-after at the moment.   New buildings continue to sell out and demand is still tight for these types of homes. Stay tuned for additional profiles in the future as we examine the best lofts in Miami for a variety of different budgets.


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