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Apartment Life, Here We Come! How to Downsize Your Home During Your Move

The desire to downsize is on the rise in the U.S.

In one study, 60 percent of those living in homes over 2,000 square feet expressed a desire to downsize.

Homeowners’ reasons for downsizing vary. Some do it because they want smaller mortgages and rent payments. Others dream of living in hip cities where rent remains high.

Still more are drawn by the desire for a minimalist lifestyle and the growing popularity of tiny houses or modular homes.

Whatever the reason, downsizing is never easy. If you’re thinking about moving into a smaller home, keep reading to learn how to downsize your home without losing your mind.

Start Early to Determine What You Don’t Need

One of the best things you can do after you decide that you’re going to be downsizing your home is to get started right away.

Whether the big move is weeks or even months away, the more time you have, the better you’ll be able to determine which items you really don’t need in your new space.

For instance, if your kitchen cabinets are packed with appliances, you’ll likely need to purge at least a few when you move into a smaller home. If you start early, you can easily figure out which appliances you need and which you likely won’t miss.

In the weeks before you move, as you use an appliance, set it aside in a box rather than putting it away. The appliances that remain unused in your cabinets after a few weeks are the ones you can obviously live without.

Set Priorities and Stick to Them

The easiest way to learn how to downsize your home is to be clear about the most important priorities in your life are.

For instance, if you love to read, purging your book collection might be painful. Instead, you might downsize your movie collection or get rid of decorative furniture to make room for more bookshelves.

If you have a lot of outdoor gear that you aren’t willing to part with, you’re going to need to plan to set aside closet space for it. In this case, your clothing might need to be downsized instead.

By being clear about what belongings are most important to you, it will be easier to let go of the stuff that will take up space you could use to keep those priority items.

Everything Needs a Purpose

It can be easy to hold onto items that bring you joy. But while everything you move to your new space should certainly be things that you like, not everything that makes you happy is actually useful.

That footstool might feature a pattern that perfectly aligns with your style. But a storage ottoman would give you some space for extra blankets while also giving you something to rest your feet on.

A small table by your bedside might be your minimalist dream. But a compact nightstand with drawers or shelves will give you a spot to stash socks, jewelry, or other belongings to keep them out of the way but in reach.

Every item that you’re moving to your new, smaller home needs to serve a purpose. This will allow you to make the most of even a tiny space.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Furniture

It’s not just your belongings that should serve a purpose. Furniture that performs multiple duties is also a great way to save space without sacrificing function.

That storage ottoman is one great example. But there are tons of other options out there.

A small dining room table that can fold out for a dinner party will keep from cluttering your space while still giving you room to entertain. Fold-up desks can function as shelf space when upright, and give you a spot to work when folded down.

If your space is really small, you can also use storage ottomans instead of kitchen chairs, murphy beds, and other space-saving furniture to give yourself some more floor space during the day.

Use Your “Good Stuff”

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re trying to downsize and declutter is to hang onto things you really don’t use, or at least don’t use often.

That wedding china that you swore you’d use every holiday but rarely leaves the box. Those special towels you keep on hand for guests to use. Numerous sets of linens and blankets for your bed that you slowly rotate through.

Eliminating these duplicate items will clear up closets and cabinets for the belongings that you actually use every day.

But before you toss those beautiful plates or ultra-soft towels, consider getting rid of your current everyday-use items instead. Using these items will help make your first days in your new home feel a little more special, especially as you’re adjusting to having less room.

Focus on the Pros

Rather than letting the fact that you’ll be living in a smaller space or that you need to purge some of your belongings get you down, focus on the pros of your new home.

After all, there’s likely a good reason you’re moving.

Maybe you get to move to a new, exciting city. Or you’re moving to a newer, chic apartment complex with features like a swimming pool or gym.

Perhaps you’ll simply be saving money that you can put towards other expenses like paying down debt or traveling.

Focusing on the benefits you’ll enjoy by moving to your new home will help you look past the lack of space and stay positive during the downsizing process.

This website can help you learn more about community living and smart homes that help you get out of your small apartment or make the most of a tight space.

How to Downsize Your Home

Now that you know how to downsize your home during your move, it’s time to get packing and decluttering.

But if you own your current home, you’ll first need to sell it. Check out these tips for selling your home in a hurry so that you can start enjoying a clutter-free, minimalist lifestyle right away!


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