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How to Assemble Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving, also referred to as boltless racking is one storage solution type that can be very easy to assemble. It is quite common for businesses operating garages or warehousing and can be used in storing products, gears, and industrial tools. Boltless shelving comes in a range of sizes and designs to choose from.

Why You Should Go or Boltless Racking

You should get boltless shelvingbecause improper shelving in your business premises can quickly bring chaos and disorganization of tools, or products. It can be hard to have a controlled inventory when you don’t have proper shelving. Boltless shelving will allow you to display your commonly used or picked items and can also help you discover issues like over-stock.

Boltless shelving can also help you maximize space hence you don’t have to worry about expensive warehousing relocation or expansion.  This shelving strategy will help you optimize vertical and horizontal storage spaces efficiently hence you don’t have to worry about space.

Boltless shelving is stable and easy to assemble. Depending on the type and application you require, boltless shelving comes in two main types; the long span racking, and the regular boltless racking. The long span racking is more ruggedly designed, and also offers a higher weight capacity. The regular boltless shelving comes with lower capacity and smaller size when compared to the long-span. Both types of boltless shelving are far better than traditional metal shelving.

One other benefit of using this type of storage system is that it fits into your plans. You can always expand the capacity of the system to help you store more products or tools in the future. If you are expecting an increase in sales in the nearest future, perhaps this storage option will be a better option than metal storage.

Boltless shelving is even easier to dismantle because there are no bolts involved, rather you will slot in different poles with beams and boards. All components of the shelving system can be easily dismantled and re-assemble in the nearest future, depending on your needs.

This shelving option is much cheaper than many other traditional options. Since the materials used are much lighter but holds heavy weight, you can invest in as many of these shelving options as you can.

How do You Assemble a Boltless Shelving?

The first step you should take when assembling boltless shelving is to gather your tools alongside your boltless shelving package. The main tools you need here are your gloves and rubber mallet. You should begin the procedure by inserting the rubber stopper first, these are usually small black stoppers inserted to the ends of the blue rectangular posts.

Slot in the yellow-color short beams to the posts and use your rubber mallet or hammer to insert the beams properly for adjustment. Rework the arrangement and make sure the eagle hook is fully locked in the poles.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining poles and the poles should be worked at two at a time. Now you have two pole sides with each side comprising of two poles joined together by beams. Now you should join the two stacks of poles together with longer beams. Ensure that your inserted long and short beams are at the same level when inserted.

Now you should have different levels on the storage shelves, and you should insert support at each level. Ensure the supports are fully slotted into the arrangement. Put the HDF board on each of the completed shelve levels, and you have completed the assembling of your racks.


Shelving or storage is a very critical component of any business and every business owner must find suitable options that will support their businesses in the long term. It can be a complete waste of time if you have to invest in a storage option that cannot be easily assembled and dismantled. For the sake of convenience, especially when moving from one business premise to another, you should find a storage solution that can easily be removed. Boltless shelving doesn’t come with soldered joints nor bolts and that is why you find them much easier to manage for different purposes.   These shelving options are also very much easier to maintain in the long term.


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