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How to Avoid Buying an Unsellable House

Let’s set the scene. You bought a lovely home somewhere, and you’ve owned it for a while. But you’ve got a growing family, so it’s time to sell up and move to a bigger house. The problem is, you’re finding it virtually impossible to sell your home.

You can’t understand why because you’ve priced your property well, and it’s in a desirable neighborhood. You may not realize it, but you’re probably trying to sell an unsellable house! One or more of the following reasons could be to blame for your predicament:

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You Didn’t Get a Thorough Pre-Purchase Inspection

It makes no difference whether you’re buying a newly-built or existing property. Nor does it matter if you buy a house, apartment, or some other form of dwelling. You must always have a thorough pre-purchase inspection carried out.

All Reliance Inspections and equally thorough inspection companies, for example, will always give you a detailed report. Each report will tell you what you need to address if you buy the house. Plus, it’ll list any issues that could become expensive to repair in the future.

You Are Close to Somewhere Noisy

A property might have excellent indoor sound insulation. But, future buyers won’t get past the fact you live next to an airport or something equally noisy! Your house might be convenient for transport purposes, but constant loud noise will put buyers off.

Whenever you look at homes to buy, you should avoid living close to an airport because of the noise factor. Also, avoid living near places like factories, sports stadiums, and anywhere else that can produce a lot of noise.

You Live Next Door to an Eyesore

Some people might assume that “curb appeal” isn’t real and was invented by the real estate industry to control prices. The truth is, curb appeal is one of the deciding factors of buying any house. You’ve likely considered the other homes on your street before buying.

Does any of your next-door neighbors have a lot of trash in their front yard? Perhaps their house looks dilapidated and seemingly attracts undesirable elements? You might not know it, but that could be the reason your house is currently unsellable.

When you review prospective houses to buy, have a look around at the other homes in the street. Are they all kept up to a reasonable standard?

Some Rooms Have No Natural Light

Let’s face it: few people want to live in a cave and call it home. With that in mind, you should never buy a house where some of the rooms have no natural light. That’s because it can put off potential future buyers.

If the light gets blocked in certain rooms due to overgrown trees, have them pruned or cut down. Otherwise, invest in products like Velux Sun Tunnels or skylights in your ceilings. Such products are worthy investments and can even raise the value of your house.

Final Thoughts

The above isn’t an exhaustive list of what to avoid doing when buying a house. But, they are the most common things to consider so you can avoid having an unsellable house.


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