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How To Become a Landlord With No Money

Are you interested in pursuing property investment? Even if your bank account isn’t bursting at the seams, you still may be able to take on this responsibility. With the right plan, you can find the financial means and generate a new source of income.

Read on to learn how to become a landlord with no money!

Try Leasing a Property First

Don’t have the cash for a down payment? Consider leasing a property with the goal of owning it after a certain amount of time. This is a great option to show the seller that you’re serious about the property.

Each lease payment can chip away at the overall cost of the property or an eventual down payment. On the front end, work with the seller to determine and document a selling price. And make sure the terms of your agreement allow subletting.

Work with Your Existing Property

An easy way to get started with property investment is to use what you already have. Maybe your basement has a designated bedroom space. Or maybe you have a spare room that could be converted into a living space.

Start by renting out a room for a few hundred dollars each month. If you choose the right tenant, you won’t have to deal with any headaches. And you’ll gain extra income that you can put toward purchasing a new property investment.

Look into Seller Financing

Since making a down payment may present a hurdle, consider proposing a plan to the seller. You may be able to convince them to bypass or delay a down payment. Offer to pay a little more each month for a stretch of time to show that you’re serious.

You can avoid going through the traditional process with a lender, too, which may save time. For a seller looking to unload the property quickly or make a profit, this could be good news.

If the seller inherited the property or owns it outright, they may be more willing to help you. And if you’re looking at a low income property investment, the seller may not want to spend money on repairs. Offer to handle that responsibility as part of your proposal.

Understand How to Become a Landlord with No Money

Knowing how to become a landlord means taking the time to understand your responsibilities. You’ll need to provide an inhabitable space and keep up with maintenance. Make sure that you have the knowledge and financial cushion to cover unexpected repair costs.

Managing a property investment requires time and expertise. Read more here about how you can get management help if you oversee multiple properties.

Find the Right Property Investment

Still wondering how to become a landlord with no money? If you’re really strapped for cash, start by renting out a basement or spare room. Or try to negotiate with the property seller to eliminate a down payment and avoid red tape.

When you want to learn more tips to navigate the real estate market, check back for new articles!

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash


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