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Benefits of Sinker EDM Machines

Ever since they discovered metal, people have started using and processing it to get the most. Over time, these technologies have advanced. Today, when traditional methods reach their limit, EDM processing became a level up. It’s a process that allows high work accuracy and applies to any conductive metal.

Electric discharge processing is a non-traditional method. It doesn’t use mechanical force, unlike standard processing (for example, forging or cutting). By working on sinkers, the material is removed from the workpiece using thermal energy.

That is why EDM is popular in making tools and molds, as some complex shapes are difficult to achieve by traditional processing. Also, this method allows working with hard materials such as titanium or stainless steel. If you’d use a mechanical force on these, you’d probably end up with a lot of damaged tools.

Below, see the list of the hardest metal in the world:

How Sinker Machine Works

The sinker electrical discharge machining (EDM) method uses specially treated conductors. They expel materials from a high-speed electric drum in the form of separated electrodes. During this process, these electrodes are submerged into the workpiece to scrape away the material’s surface from the inside out.

One of the electrodes is called a ‘tool,’ while the other is called a workpiece. These two shouldn’t make actual contact. An electric spark is a result of discharging between the electrodes and visible evidence of the electricity flow.

The spark produces intense heat with very high temperatures that decompose each material. A series of repetitive discharges between these two electrodes will remove the material from the workpiece. This process must be under control, so it’s performed in the dielectric of deionized water. That way, the spark affects only the surface of the material. Water acts as a coolant and washes away eroded metal particles.

Processing Speed

Speed is the first benefit you can expect from EDM sinkers. These machines have the ability to make thousands of rotations in a single hour with high accuracy. That’s what you need to work on a big project.

There is no need for you to worry about making thousands of small errors crucial in the result. Any essential part you need will be done in a matter of minutes. It means you can get your work done faster than with any traditional metal processing method.

High Level of Accuracy

EDM machine offers a high degree of accuracy, so you can expect to get good results. These are possible even when it comes to making parts with smooth curves. You can make any metal part you imagine. A detailed explanation of how the electrical discharge machine works is here.

Making complex shapes need a lot of precision, so using any traditional processing method will last. If you’re doing it this way, you have to work really hard to get the best outputs. With EDM machining, the smooth curves result from the smoothing of the parts. It’s possible because of the controlled discharging.

Lower Costs

The third benefit of using this material detection system is that it reduces the cost of material procurement. If you are engaged in a big project involving lots of material, you will spend a lot of money getting it. EDM coiling machine helps you with material consumption optimization.

Another benefit of using an EDM coiling system is that it increases the production and efficiency of any manufacturing process. If you are searching for ways to boost your work efficiency in any of your projects, then you should consider these machines. By working with sinkers, material waste is minimal, and work effects are maximal.


The fourth benefit of using sinker EDM machines is that they provide a high consistency when cutting and turning operations. As there’s no impact cutting, you might be suspicious about processing hard metals. But be without worry. The electrical discharge machining handles everything from hard to delicate materials.

When you are using an EDM machine, you can get precise results, even if you are working on a large volume of material. You will never face any problem with consistent cutting and turning while using a sinker. Thus it helps in getting high productivity at a low cost.


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