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The Best Places to Have Your Home Office

Setting up a Home Office is among most people’s top priorities these days. There are many things to be done on your home computer, including paying bills, homework, scrapbooking, and work. If you lack a dedicated home office space, doing the above tasks efficiently can be a huge challenge.

However, everyone is different in terms of space available in their home. Remember, not every household has that extra space to put up a home office. The good thing about a home office is that it doesn’t require one to have an extra room. There are several spots in your home where you can fit some office equipment, and it is all possible with clever planning.

Regardless of the space available, there is a spot in your home that can accommodate some simple rearranging and a desk. Below are some of the best places you can put your home office if you have no extra room.

Formal dining or living room

Some families believe dining and living rooms are a waste of space since they use the kitchen and family room to eat instead. Turning either the dining or living room into a home office is the best way to maximize the space. For privacy reasons, you can install a prop-up screen, hang curtains or install sliding barn doors.


This is the best and most convenient place to put up an office desk, especially if your kids like to do their homework in the kitchen while you are cooking. The kitchen is the heart of almost everything in your home, so you don’t have to take care of other tasks from afar.

Some kitchens are designed with a built-in desk, or you can add one if it lacks. You can use the nook in the kitchen for your home office if you are not using it.

The Loft

Loft space can have you scratching your head on how to use it, and most people end up using it as a store. The most outstanding solution is to have a home office in the loft. You can customize a desk or buy one that fits the small corner of your loft.

Be creative when buying storage units, like buying a desk with lower and upper cabinets to maximize the space.

Family room

There is always free space in your family room for a desk if you apply intelligent space planning. Some free space for setting up a home office in your family room includes by the window, along the wall, and behind the sofa. You can install shelving on the desk or get the one with in-built cabinets to eliminate clutter.

Pretty boxes or baskets can help hide your office documents and supplies. A stylish chair and desk will add a fantastic character to your living room.


A standard closet can fit a desk, and you can add plenty of shelves around it. It is suitable for privacy since you only need to close the door to hide your suppliers. Also, you can remove the doors if privacy is not an issue.

A home office works better in a hall or guest room closets.

Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash


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