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What Is the Best Way to Sell a House? 4 Options Explained

Did you know that there is more than one way to sell your house? When most people think about getting their house sold, they imagine hiring a realtor and listing their home on the real estate market.

While this is certainly an option, it isn’t your only option. In fact, it may not even be your best option.

Of course, how you decide to sell your home should really come down to your circumstances. The best way to sell a house may depend on what condition it’s in. Another factor to consider is how quickly you need the house sold.

We’re here to help you sort through the options of selling your house. Keep reading for four popular methods explained.

1. Hire a Realtor

As noted above, the most common method of selling a house is through a real estate agent. While this method has the potential to earn you the most money, it might also take the most time. It can also be the most expensive.

The average home seller spends over $21,000 prepping their house for the market. Then, they pay 3% for their realtor, and sometimes, an additional 3% for the buyer’s realtor. On top of all these costs, closing fees are also 3% of the home’s sale price.

2. For-Sale-By-Owner

Of course, if you don’t like the idea of handing out that much money for selling a house, you could always try to sell it without a realtor. This is might be the best way to sell a house for homeowners with experience in the process.

It’s also ideal for homes that are in relatively good condition. Selling a distressed home, on the other hand, could take months.

3. Cash Home Buyers

If your home is in rough shape and you don’t intend to make any repairs, selling your house to a cash home buyer could be the right call. Most cash buyers will buy a home no matter what condition it’s in.

Selling to a cash buyer might also be the best way to sell a house if you need to sell your house fast. Many of these property investors can close on a house in as little as seven days.

If you’re facing foreclosure, going through a divorce, being relocated for work, or need to sell your home immediately for any other reason, this is the route to go. Check out to learn more about how the process works.

4. iBuyers

Finally, there is another way to sell your house for cash. You can choose to sell to an iBuyer, a property investment company that uses online data and technology to estimate the value of your home.

This might be the best way to sell a house for some people, but you must exercise caution here. The value of your home may be much lower than what you’re originally quoted. When they come to inspect the house, their offer may drop drastically if it’s in poor condition, has expensive repairs needed, etc.

What’s the Best Way to Sell a House for You?

If you’re planning on selling your home, you can see that there are a myriad of options at your disposal. The best way to sell a house for you depends completely on your circumstances.

If you want to make the most money possible and have time and money to invest in repairs, sell it traditionally. If you need to sell your house quickly or don’t feel like making renovations, sell to a cash home buyer.

For more real estate tips or homeowner advice, check out some of our other articles. Our blog was created to help people like you make good decisions.


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