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Bonus Rooms That Boost Your Property’s Value

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If you’re selling your property, you want to get the best price for it, this something means updating the kitchen and infrastructure, but there are other ways to boost its value, such as bonus rooms. A bonus room is one that makes buyers gasp with excitement and anticipation. They can include things like games rooms, home gyms, home offices, and more.

Games Rooms

Games rooms take many forms; in short, the type of games room you create depends largely on your taste in games. Some examples include a pool table with a flat-screen television, a video games den, or a place to play casino games. These rooms are an excellent bonus for buyers.

If you’re serious about boosting the value of your property, it makes sense to focus on the high-value areas such as the kitchen and the master bathroom. That said, a games room is an existing prospect that will add value to your home and increase its appeal to new buyers.

Movie Theaters

If you have a basement or a loft in your apartments, then it makes sense to make it work; not only does a movie theater give you a dedicated space for entertainment for you and your family, it will increase the value of your home and make selling the property easier in a tough market.

Movie theaters might seem like an excessive indulgence, but they are very easy to install. Not only that, they are easy to justify because the large screen can be used for sports and video games as well. So be the envy of your friends and neighbors and boost the value of your home.

A Home Office

These days, a home office is almost as essential in a home as a living room or a bedroom. With most people working from home these days and spending the majority of their time in the home office, this is likely to be one of the first things buyers look for when investing in a new property.

The good news is that a home office is not too difficult to install in your property. All you have to do is find a room that has a window and is large enough to fit a desk inside. When you install a home office, pay close attention to the colors and layout of the room to improve productivity.

A Home Spa

If you want to live in luxury, then install a home spa in your master bathroom or on your deck outside. A home spa is the perfect way to unwind when you finish your work; it also adds value to your property and increases your chances of selling the property; everyone loves to relax.

A home spa can take the form of a sauna in the master bathroom or a jacuzzi in the outside area. Of course, these will have to be adapted depending on where your property is located, but even in colder climates, it’s possible to install a jacuzzi and reap all the tremendous benefits.


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