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Bringing the Professional Kitchen Home With Restaurant-Style Upgrades

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home any time soon or you’re just looking to reappraise it, some of the most lucrative changes to make are in the kitchen. When you make changes in the kitchen, you make your home easier to sell, especially if you have a professional kitchen. Even people who microwave every meal want to have a professional-looking kitchen in their home.

Here are five ways to upgrade your kitchen to something professional looking.

1. High-End Stove

Having a great stove helps you to prepare great meals. When you invest in a high-end stove, you’re investing in a way to prepare your meals like the professionals. While building a professional-grade kitchen at home isn’t always a possibility, your stove and your oven are going to make the biggest difference.

Having a range that’s fully electric might feel like a good idea at first, but it’s much harder to manage. Even as electric stoves have become more accurate and easier to use, there’s nothing as empowering as cooking with fire. When you have a gas-powered oven, you get the chance to cook by instinct rather than the redness of a coil or by a number on a knob.

When you’re cooking over a flame, you always know how much heat you’re giving to what you’re cooking. Measuring cooking temperature by redness s much more challenging and will have you pulling out your thermometer. While this can be accurate in some cases, it takes the instinct and connection to the food you’re cooking out of the equation.

Your stove needs an oven that provides you with accurate temperature controls. Without temperature that you can control, you’ll end up with strange cakes, overcooked roasts, and meat that’s not as juicy as it could be.

To accompany your range, consider ventilation by Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company to keep the air moving all around your stove.

2. Professional Utensils

When you’re trying to mix, ladle, serve, and cut things in your kitchen, you need to have professional-grade utensils. The better your utensils are, the easier your work is. If you’re struggling just to cut something, you need to get better tools.

Your knives should be the highest quality you can afford. Whether you’re chopping vegetables, dicing garlic, or slicing fish open, the knife that you use is going to impact how easy it is to get the job done. Any knife that you use should be sharp, easy to sharpen, and come with a warranty that lasts longer than a few holidays.

When you’re serving food to people, having high quality serving spoons and forks changes how they feel about the food. If you’ve got two dinner forks that you use to serve salad with, they might not be so jazzed about it. However, if you’ve got big solid salad tongs to do the job with, you’ll find them excited to scoop heaping piles of greens onto their plate.

3. A Quality Mixer

Mixing things in the kitchen makes the difference between good and bad pancakes or mashed potatoes that have the right texture. When you have a quality mixer, you take out some of the guesswork and just have to follow a schedule. Set up your mixer, hit start, start a timer, and let the mixer do the work.

If you’re making a lot of cookie dough or other dense mixes, a high-quality mixer ensures you save the elbow grease and get to focus on other things. Putting together a good dough is time-consuming and it takes a lot of effort. If you’re on a tight schedule, you might want some help from a mixer to get the job done.

A mixer is also great if you’re trying to make a soup or a sauce. If your sauce has to be absolutely 100% chunk-free, then a mixer can do all of the work without you having to wear your arm out. Even working with an electric hand mixer is time consuming, messy, and works on your upper body strength.

4. Good Countertops Make a Difference

If you want to have a professional kitchen, you need to have some solid countertops. The countertops that you use are going to determine not only how easy it is to clean up but how seriously your guests take you. If you have crummy Formica, it might not seem like you care a lot about preparation in your kitchen.

Replace that cheap facade with even quartz or marble if you have the budget and you’ll be able to do work right on your counter. The counter is going to wipe clean easily and be much simpler to work with.

If you want better cleanup, a sanitary space, and something that looks professional, consider stainless steel. Having a steel countertop makes you look like a real pro. Since it’ll wipe clean every time, there’s also no need to worry about spills.

5. Upgrade Your Sink

One of the most overlooked elements in any kitchen is the sink. However, every professional will tell you how important it is to have a large sink that’s easy to clean and to wipe down.

Your sink is going to have to store and to soak lots of pots and pans if you’re cooking all of the time. You’ll also need a material that you can clean quickly and easily. If you have an older porcelain sink, it’ll be hard to keep it clean while doing the kind of work you need to do.

Stainless steel is another good solution here when it comes to material to rely on. The better the materials you choose, the easier it’ll be to get people to appreciate your kitchen.

A Professional Kitchen Is Within Reach

If you’re considering upgrading to a professional kitchen, you’ll find that you’re making a decision that’s going to pay off. While it might seem like a large expenditure at first, you’ll find that your kitchen is going to make it easier to cook, clean, and entertain. And, if you’re looking to renovate your restaurant’s kitchen further, consider investing a fire suppression system. This ensures a fire is contained in an emergency situation. To learn more about these systems, head over to

If you’re thinking of remodeling the interior of your home, check out our guide for improving your exterior as well.


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