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Build Your Perfect House: How to Find a Home Builder

Custom home builders spend more time on their project than production home builders. Because of that, they often work on less than ten home a year.

If you’re thinking of hiring a builder to build your dream home, it’s best to take your time to find the best one in your area. Next, are some suggestion for how to find a home builder that’s right for you.

Make a List of Builders

Create a list of potential builders that can build the type of house you want. You can contact your local Home Builder’s Association for a contact list.

Also, look in the real estate section of the newspaper. The articles and ad will show you which builders are working in your area as well as the types of homes they are building.

Take note of those building home within your budget. Another great way of finding a home builder is to ask realtors and friends for recommendations.

Start Asking Questions

Once you have a list, it’s time to contact them. Ask questions — lots of them. Also, ask homeowners for their reviews as well.

While price is important, you can’t choose a builder by that alone. Often, the builder with the lowest price per square foot lacks something that you may find necessary.

As you interview potential home builders, get the answers to all the questions you have. Never hold back on asking a question. Even what seems like an unimportant question can yield insight.

Your goal is to build the perfect home so there won’t be any need for renovations down the line.

Find a Builder in Your Area

If you live in the area in which you want to build, visit homes and subdivisions where the builder has homes. Be sure to drive through on a Saturday morning.

You may see homeowners working outside. Introduce yourself as a prospective home buyer and ask questions about the home builder. See what they have to say.

Usually, you will get a candid response. Homeowners are often happy to share both the positive and negative experiences with the builder. Take some notes so you can refer to them later when narrowing your choices.

How to Find a Home Builder of Quality

Home shows and builder-sponsored open houses are prime opportunities to look at homes. Home show houses and model homes are often furnished, giving you a good idea of how you could use the space.

Even if they are unfurnished, looking at new homes is beneficial.

See the quality of the work for yourself. Pay attention to the details. Look at the quality of the construction. How do the carpeting, cabinets, and trim work look?

Even take a look at the paint. The last thing you want to see are areas where the builder cut corners on craftsmanship or materials.

If you’re in the Lake Hartwell, Georgia or surrounding areas, be sure to check out Currahee Home Builders. They are an example of a builder who takes pride in tending to the finer details of custom home building.

Time to Choose a Home Builder

With these tips on how to find a home builder, there’s no reason to wait. If you’re ready to build your dream home, then it’s time to begin the search for a builder.

If you are looking for a property or builder in Florida, please give us a call at (305) 357-0635.


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