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Building A Coastal Property: All You Need To Know

Living on the beach is a dream come true for many of us, and getting to build the property of your dreams at a coastal location is sheer perfection! However, before you jump into having your own coastal property built, it’s important to consider the issues below.

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Elevation matters

The elevation is vital when you are building at the cost. This is for three reasons, first of all, most beachside properties are located in a flood zone; this means that they will need to build up higher than a typical property to protect from this.

Secondly, because of the need to be built at a higher elevation, the costs of construction are likely to increase.

Thirdly, many coastal communities are placing limits on the height of buildings, because too many tall buildings mean that light is blocked from reaching the ground. Something that makes the buildings in the shadows less pleasant and less valuable.

What this means is you will need to juggle being able to build at the right height for safety during a flood, along with cost, and any housing association rules and regulations.

Flood zones affect the cost

As we have already mentioned, living by the beach means it’s likely that you will be situated slap, bang in the middle of a flood zone! Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to spell disaster, as long as you build at the right height.

However, the height that you will need to make your foundations depends on the type of flood zone that the land available to you is in. There are two types of flood zone to consider here. The first is an A zone, this is the zone with the lesser of the two concerning requirements. Although, as a rule, you can add around 15% extra to the budget compared to a typical non-coastal property.

The other type of flood zone is known as zone V, and it has higher standards of construction associated with it. This means you could spend up to 30% more on building a property in a V zone than you would a typical property not located by a body of water.

The additional costs incurred by both types of property will be for the higher quality anchors, stronger windows, and higher elevation involved.

A unique design matters

Imagine a coastal property in your mind right now! What do you see, shiplap boards in blues and whites? Well, unfortunately, that is what everyone else tends to see too, and that can mean that your dream coastal home can end up looking just like the ones that are surrounding it.

Instead, it’s a much smarter idea to think carefully about the design of your coastal home and come up with something unique and original. Indeed, the benefits of doing this include being able to customize your home precisely for the way you wish to use it. Not to mention that something a little different from the neighbors may help push the value of your property up higher than those that surround it.

Buying coastal is a DIY no-no

No matter how expert you are at carpentry and building, completing a coastal property project as a DIY job is not recommended. After all, there are so many additional regulations and safety features to consider.

With that in mind, recruiting the help of an experienced professional for a new beach construction is the most sensible thing you can do. This is because they will know all about the perils and pitfalls of building on the coast, which means you can avoid them and the vast costs they can incur

Additionally, an experienced coastal builder will have all the connections with local vendors and even subcontractors that will ensure your project goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Invest in good quality materials

Being at the coast is always a wonderful experience, even if the weather is windy and rainy. However, while you are cozy indoors, your property will be bearing the brunt of such weather including hot sun, high winds, sea spray, rain and the sand that those winds pick up!

Of course, there is a reason why sandblasting is used to strip things, it’s very effective! What this means is you need to invest in good quality materials when building a coastal home because they are at such risk of weathering. Indeed, if you choose cheaper options to keep the cost of your budget down, you may find that it’s a false economy in the end. After all, you will have to replace them much faster because your home will age much quicker.

Additional outdoor features you may wish to include

In addition to the main structure of the house, there are some other things you may wish to include in your build to maximize the experience you can get from living by the sea. The first of these is to build a deck where you can sit outside and enjoy the views. Usually, these are built from wood and can be added to your project for a reasonable fee.

A swimming pool is another feature that many with coastal properties go for, especially those in wonderfully hot climates like Miami. However, it is worth noting that a swimming pool can be an expensive addition to your budget. This is because you will need to make sure you have enough land to place it, that the land is prepared properly, and that the pool is installed and sealed. Although, many people are now opting for smaller cocktail or dip pools which provide you with the benefits of a quick dip to cool off, at a fraction of the cost.
Finally, even though you are situated on the beach, you’ll want to pay attention to your garden as well. Just remember to choose plants that will thrive in the sandy soil and hot weather like succulents, and cacti. The good news is that such varieties are very easy to take care of too, which leaves you more time to sunbathe and enjoy your property at the coast.


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