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Buying a Home – Remember the Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing of a property is not often a prime consideration of people who are looking to buy a home, but it really should be.

Over time, plumbing systems can need repairs. Sometimes, whole systems need repairing. So, if you buy a home without first conducting a plumbing inspection, you could end up having to pay for costly repairs and replacements when you move into a property.

Here are some of the key components of a plumbing inspection that everybody should conduct before buying a home.

Check the Toilets for Leaks

If you move into a home and find your toilet has a leaky base, the water that seeps through could eventually cause the floor to rot.

Often, the damage is not visible because it is happening below the floor surface level. But there are some telltale signs of a leaky toilet that should be looked for during an inspection.

Signs of problems include discoloration or warping around the base of the toilet, the toilet bowl rocking or siding when you grasp each side, and the floor feeling soft at the base.

If the seal is not tight, the flange is not completely secure, or the toilet is not secured correctly to the flange, leaks are likely to happen.

Conduct an Inspection of the Sewer System

If you move into a home and find there is a sewage problem, it can not only be costly to fix. It can also be smelly and cause you to end up living in a disgusting situation while you get it repaired.

So, make sure the sewage system is always inspected before you decide to purchase a property.

A local plumbing company will be able to inspect your sewage system by conducting inspections of sewer lines and examining the septic tank, if the house has one, to ensure there is no seepage or blockages.

Get the Water Heater Checked by a Professional

If the home you are considering buying has a water heater, it is vital that it is professionally checked by a reputable plumbing company like American residential services.

You should also find out when the tank’s last flush date was, check the anode rod for rust, and ensure the water heater works properly by simply testing for hot water.

Inspect the Faucets, Sinks, and Garbage Disposal

Every sink in a home you are considering buying must be checked.

You need to ensure the faucets and the drains are working properly. That means making sure water drains properly and no faucets drip.

Also, sinks can become clogged over time. If you find a sink is clogged, you will need to hire a professional plumber to fix it.

Other checks that need to be completed include inspecting sink basins for leaks and ensuring the garbage disposal works as it should.

Conduct a Shower Inspection

The person inspecting a potential home’s plumbing also needs to check the shower.

You need to ensure the faucets, showerhead, and drains are in full working order. It is also important to check how good the water pressure is.

And a professional plumbing inspector will know to look at things like how quickly water drains away and whether water lingers longer than it should.

Perform a Pipes Check

Lastly, one of the most important parts of a plumbing inspection is checking the pipes.

Seeing as most plumbing pipes are hidden behind walls and under foundations, it is imperative that you get a qualified and experienced plumber to check the pipes for any issues.

If there are any pipe-related problems, they can cause a lot of damage and end up being very costly to fix. So, do not overlook inspecting pipes for a variety of potential issues.

Now you know what plumbing issues to inspect, check out these other things you should always look at when buying a home.


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