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When To Call For Air Conditioning Repair Professional

An air conditioning repair professional is recommended when your air conditioning systems suffer from mechanical problems. Even if air-con systems are modern, wear and tear will eventually cause them to experience some problems. You can resolve minor issues like changing the filter, but for major problems like the following, you may have to call for a professional one:

  1. Annual Maintenance

An inspection every year is also vital because it can help you avoid high repair costs. Although you may not be experiencing problems, a professional like air conditioning repair Stephens city and others near you can conduct a thorough inspection. It can help check if minor issues may cause a more serious one when left unrepaired.

The saying that prevention is better than cure has never been truer in AC. For instance, the unit’s motor can burn out faster if it has a build-up deep in it. But if it’s checked earlier, you can prevent such because a technician can identify and clean it. With such, the unit’s lifespan increases while making the motor’s job easier.

  1. AC Isn’t Working

Typically, a well-functioning AC blows cooled air when activated. If it doesn’t work when turned on, you should consider it a sign of breakdown, requiring a professional’s help. You don’t want to keep your home uncool, especially during summer.

When you call for an AC repair professional, they can check the thermostat or circuit breaker, which are the common culprits for such issues. The unit must blow off cool air when the circuit breaker is working, but if not, then something may be wrong inside the unit.

  1. Electrical Issues

Before calling a professional, you can check the thermostat to find out if there’s a blank readout, as this can be a sign that there are electrical issues. These include electrical infrastructure and wiring problems that can cause severe problems to your unit, like power loss.

You may need to restart the circuit breaker switches or replace a burnt-out fuse, but you may have to ask for a professional when these measures aren’t helping. It is the safest way to deal with AC unit’s electrical issues.

On the other hand, if you don’t consider it a serious issue and continue to use your unit, you may damage it further. Or worse, it may lead to electrical fires.

  1. Ice On The Condenser Unit

Restricted airflow will be the cause of frozen condensers. It happens when the cold causes the condensation to freeze if the refrigerant passing through the tubing is too cold. And this problem is commonly caused by blocked return vents, closed air supply vents, or dirty air filters.

You may want to check if your air filter is clean. Or call for a professional technician to uncover and open the unit’s vents to defrost the system. This common AC repair service allows the blower to move air through the system to melt or defrost the unit.

  1. Sudden Increase In Energy Bills

While it’s expected that you’ll be paying expensive energy bills when using an AC, it’s not normal if it dramatically spikes up your bills. When this happens, the system may not be working correctly. A malfunctioning unit can consume more electricity by trying to produce cool air.

  1. Loud Noises Produced

All appliances produce noise when activated or in use. However, it may be a warning if your AC suddenly creates strange, high-pitch noises. Some may also turn into banging, buzzing, and clanking. It may be normal to think of creepy sounds, but your AC may have some issues.

For instance, the unit’s belt could be out of place when you hear grinding or scraping noises. When this is so, call an AC repair professional to lessen the damage it could create.

  1. Bad Odor Emitted

Besides noises, a foul odor is also a sign to call for help. These smells may be due to the unit’s stuck filth, debris, and other blockages. You don’t want to be smelling this throughout the day as it may irritate you or your loved ones. If unsure what’s causing the smell, a professional can help identify and solve the issue.


Your AC unit is vital if you want to keep the temperature of your home or office comfortable. When it’s not working correctly, you may be uncomfortable in your own home. That’s why it’s best to look out for the signs mentioned above so you can prevent minor issues from escalating. It is also an excellent way to avoid expensive repair costs when the damage is too serious.


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