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Is Canada The Right Move For You?

Regularly considered to be one of the most attractive countries in the world to emigrate to, Canada is a nation that welcomes newcomers like few others. For the average American, there may be some questions regarding a move. For example, how does one deal with the colder climate, and get to grips with the differences in everyday life? So, below, let’s look at whether the charms of the Great White North are right for you.

So, about those temperatures…

The reason they call Canada the “Great White North” is that quite a lot of the country is frozen. It’s solid white all year round, in some cases. In fact, more than 80% of its landmass is uninhabited for this reason. However, it’s the second-largest country in the world (larger than the US), so that still means a lot of it is habitable. In the cities, the temperatures are largely comparable with the northern USA. Toronto, for example, regularly gets to around 80°F in summer, though the winters are usually sub-zero. In the colder areas, the natural beauty and the gentle pace of life are more than ample consolations.

What’s the quality of life like?

Well, if you pay attention to surveys, there’s a lot to like about Canada. It’s a regular in the top ten countries as per the UN’s World Happiness Report. This is thanks to a high level of social support and a healthy life expectancy that is way above average. There’s also plenty of stunning scenery to enjoy – places like Yukon’s Whitehorse are an increasingly popular destination for house hunters, as you can see at and elsewhere. In short, it’s hard not to be happy in Canada.

What about health options?

If your move to Canada is intended to be long term, then it is essential to apply for permanent residence as soon as possible. Once you are permanently resident, you will qualify for the public healthcare that Canadian citizens have by right. This allows you access to the excellent quality of care, and trips to the emergency room will not be followed by a decision on how to pay for them. Non-permanent residents will still face costs for non-emergency treatment, but urgent care is free of charge.

What will it cost me to live in Canada?

By and large, the cost of living in Canada as calculated by is lower than it is south of the border. This is true of essentials like rent or mortgage costs, as well as for consumer purchasing. Of course, some areas will be pricier than others. As with any country, the closer you are to a major population center, the more prices will rise. Dollar for dollar, however, you can be confident of making a saving with a move to Canada.

There’s no way to say for certain that a move to Canada is for you, but there are certainly plenty of reasons why an American citizen looking for a change in life and their dream home might find the move “upstairs” to be very much to their liking.


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