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How To Choose The Perfect Rental

Choosing the right property to rent, whether house or apartment, can be tough. You can’t just accept the first house you can find near your office, or choose an apartment just because it has parking. There are lots of things that tenants need to take into account. To help you to find the perfect rental for you, you need to establish what your needs are before you start searching for somewhere to live. 


To make sure you’re getting a fair price, research typical rents in the area by comparing what is being asked for similar homes for rent in the area. You can do this easily online. This gives you an idea of what the average prices are, so you can set a budget. When you ask about a property, find out if anything else is included in the rent, such as utilities or maintenance, or will you need to pay for these separately?

You need to decide on a maximum amount you can afford each month, so you can only look at properties within that range so you’re aren’t tempted by something you can’t really afford. Remember, there can be room for negotiation. Landlords want good tenants, so if you have great references that show will want a longer tenancy and will look after the property, you could be in a strong position to get a slightly reduced rent. It’s always worth asking. 


Don’t assume that a property comes with its own parking space. If you need one, make sure you check. If there isn’t, find out whether there is somewhere nearby to safely park. In city centers, you might find that there is a permit parking scheme, which usually comes with a change. If this is the case, make sure you include it in your budget. There can also be extra charges for second cars or visitor permits. 

Internet Connection

A deciding factor for many tenants, which has become even more important with the rise of remote working, is the internet. This used to be a ‘nice-to-have’, but it’s now essential for many. Some areas get stronger signals than others, so you will need to make sure that your property will meet your technological needs. It’s also worth checking your phone signal when you view the property. 

Smokers/Pet Owners

Most adverts will make it clear when the landlord will accommodate smokers or pets. Make sure to look for this and don’t assume that you can smoke or keep animals inside. In most cases, there are compromises, such as being able to smoke outside or keep caged pets, rather than a cat or a dog.  Like the rent, it’s always worth asking the question. If you have good references, a landlord may be willing to adjust the rules for you. Of course, if you have a service animal, remember that they cannot legally reject you on these grounds. Make it clear if you need an animal to live in the property for this kind of reason.


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