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How To Choose The Right Design Style For You

We understand how difficult it can be to choose just one certain style that calls to us when there are so many gorgeous spaces sprouting up everywhere -on social media, in design magazines, and even on our favorite television series.  Nonetheless, when it comes to creating your own home, it is critical to have an understanding of what you like and do not like the most so that you may devote your time and resources to creating a space that will genuinely make you happy in the long run.

We assure you, however, that determining your design style does not have to be a complex or time-consuming procedure in the least. Here, we provide a few suggestions for where to go for inspiration and how to filter down what does and does not make your heart skip a beat and best of all, you can easily start this process right now.

Image via Pexels

Look in your wardrobe

Take a glance around at your favorite apparel and notice what colors, fabrics, and patterns you find yourself drawn to.

Consider the following questions:

What are some of your favorite or special occasions outfits that you keep on hand for those special occasions?

When you invest in a bag, do you like something timeless and neutral, or do you want something with a bright, showy design?

There is no right or wrong answer but taking a look at your natural fashion tendencies will give you a different perspective on identifying your interior design style.

We also recommend that you take note of the different sorts of materials you have on hand as well. It is possible to incorporate this taste into your house through the use of draperies and pillows.

Who do you take inspiration from?

Allow yourself to totally embrace your celebrity obsession for a little moment. Think about the icon that they can not seem to get enough of. In most cases, as well as their physical characteristics, there is an overall feeling or vibe that draws you in.  Make an effort to figure out what that overall feeling is, and you will almost always get some additional clues as to the overall type of vibe you want to create in an interior space.

Changing Your Point of View

When it comes to design, traveling to a new location, even if it is only virtually, can present you with new insights. “There is nothing quite like traveling and taking in all of the beauty of a new place,    A story about where you have been or where you want to go should be told through your home design.

Are you thinking of taking a trip in the near future? When it comes to your sense of design, a little advanced planning can help you get the most out of your experience. Make sure to take lots of photos to look back on; analyze the textures and colors of the architecture.

Use a mood board

​​Remember how much fun it was to make assemblages out of magazine clippings when you were a small child? Perhaps you should revisit this habit and see what kinds of photos you find most appealing this time. Set yourself the task of collecting as many inspirational photos as you can from a variety of subjects such as art, movies, interiors, fashion, history, travel, and nature and compiling them into a massive mood board. You could even use Pinterest. Then, consider which aspects of each image you find the most appealing. It could be a particular feeling it elicits, a color combination, a distinctive texture, etc. You can then use this to build your personal style.

Read magazines and blogs to discover new trends

While no one should follow a trend simply because it is fashionable, knowing what is on-trend that year or season can be a great basis to build upon. For example, curves are very on trend this year, so perhaps incorporating aspects of that into your mood boards can give rise to other ideas.

Ignore a style and do what you want

Of course, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you have to have a particular design or style. Some of the best rooms about come together simply because they are made up of an assortment of colors, textures, and items that the person loved.


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