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Why Community Is Important For Pitching Real Estate Properties

Real estate opportunities are everywhere. Be it residential properties, commercial ones or even lots that can be used for the client’s own uses, there are countless opportunities available to you. There are many factors that could change a client’s mind or convince them to purchase one of your developments. Size matters, local transport links are important, and even local schools will change their minds.

However, one factor that we rarely see mentioned in promotional materials is the community. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial property, a residential one or even a mixed-used development. Community matters just as much as any other factor in the world of real estate and it’s important to consider the opportunities you have to highlight it.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of community and how to utilize it the next time you’re planning to sell a home or get involved with commercial real estate development.

You don’t live alone

Communities are an important factor when it comes to buying a home because you’re never truly living on your own. You’re always going to be surrounded by neighbors and other people, even if you don’t want to directly engage with them. The community you live with can ultimately change the way you perceive a property, and could even convince you to purchase a place in a community.

For example, if you look for land for sale in a country environment, they’ll usually advertise or promote the community they’re a part of. This is because, unlike cities, communities play a huge role in the country lifestyle. This is often because there are fewer people in these country or rural locations. That contributes to seeing them more often when you visit stores or meetings, and you generally get to know them better. Compare this to living in a city where you’ll rarely encounter your neighbors in an apartment. It does change if you live in a suburb where neighbors are a little more friendly, which is why talking about the community is important.

Communities can also affect how much trust you put into your neighbors. Some parents will only buy a home if they know that it’s surrounded by friendly people because they want their children to grow up in a safer environment. In some cases, people might also think about the local community and how it bands together to stop things such as crime.

Advertising these types of advantages to people looking for a new family home is a fantastic idea. Communities affect real estate decisions more than you might think. It’s one of the leading reasons why “celebrity neighborhoods” are created and so heavily sought-after.

Professional communities

However, it’s not just about family communities and creating a safe environment for your kids. Communities can also be professional. Thanks to a rise of single professionals and entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in urban cities, demand for smaller homes surrounded by professional communities is increasing.

If someone is looking for a single-bedroom home because they’re a single professional, then there’s no point telling them about their neighbors or the local community. Chances are, they really don’t care because their primary focus is to look for a place where they can commute to and from work. They don’t care much for the community because they don’t plan to have kids, and they don’t plan to interact much with neighbors.

However, a sense of community can still attract single professionals. For instance, properties near areas like Silicon Valley and other tech-focused areas are highly sought-after. This is because they promise to surround you with like-minded individuals and potential employees should you want to start a business. This also means that, for a business owner or entrepreneur, there are many opportunities to attract talented individuals and this should be mentioned as well. With the right research, you can make your properties seem like the ideal place for professionals to live in.

Celebrity communities

Another huge consideration is celebrity communities. If you’re given the chance to invest in property in well-known celebrity locations, you should never pass up the opportunity. This is because you attract special attention when you start dealing with properties in celebrity areas. This can include places like Tribeca in New York City, Beverly Hills and also Malibu.

The reason people enjoy celebrity communities is that they want to be a part of that high-end elite lifestyle. Frequent star sightings can also be exciting and spice up someone’s life, hence why they are so popular. Celebrity neighbors are an expensive and niche property market to get involved in, but it comes with many unique advantages and endless options once you’re a part of it.

However, this is something that you generally advertise very vaguely. For instance, there’s no use putting a celebrity’s name in your marketing materials because it will look desperate. It’s like saying “come here so you can live near this celebrity”, and it’s a poor way to do marketing. Instead, simply mention the elite neighborhood. Talk about how there are many influencers or famous people in the area, and mention the high-end nature of the properties that are in the neighborhood.

Holiday communities

Lastly, we should also talk about holiday communities. Many properties are situated in holiday locations, meaning they’re very likely to be tailored towards holidaymakers. This means that communities surrounding these holiday properties are likely going to be other holidaymakers. It also implies that the amenities close to the property are suited towards tourism and entertainment.

Communities that surround holiday properties are generally more luxurious. This means there is a lot of money to make, and you can typically increase the prices assuming the property you offer is filled with high-end furniture and appliances. Holiday homes also increase in price when in close proximity to well-known holiday destinations or when close to public transport, but this also increases the cost of investment.

When selling holiday properties, make sure to mention the local community. This will help you attract a wider audience. It also helps if you mention local culture and how living near locals can help you embrace new languages, traditions, and experiences. Marketing holiday properties are much easier when you offer clients the full package, and this has to include talking about nearby communities and how they can improve the experience. In short, learn about local communities when investing in holiday properties and market them towards holidaymakers.

Some final words

If you’re a real estate developer, then you should never forget about the community that surrounds your properties. Bake the information into your marketing materials, promote different kinds of communities and make sure you’re always on the lookout for ways to show it off. Communities are an incredibly important part of every property purchase. Highlighting the advantages of each one can often increase sales potential. In addition, mentioning communities can also raise the prices of your properties.

In short, always look for ways to bolster your promotional materials using the community as an added positive feature. Talk about how the community is great for kids, or mention the friendly neighborhood. You could even mention local cultures and traditions, and how you can interact with locals if you’re promoting a holiday property. When attracting professionals, mention the local area and how business is thriving. Mention the types of industries that surround the property and consider mentioning the local talent available. Keep all of this in mind, and you’ll find that putting an emphasis on the community around your properties can drastically improve the chances of making a sale.


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