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What you should consider before you choose a driveway gate

For privacy and security, your first line of defense is considered to be your driveway gate. You should remember that your driveway gate is more than a barrier to your home. Like your property, the gate should also represent your lifestyle. The right driveway can create a seamless connection to the entire property.

This is the reason why you need driveway gate railings to make sure your home has the appearance that it deserves. Unfortunately, the wrong driveway gate can look unappealing and odd. If you decide to replace your current driveway gate, there are a couple of things you need to consider. This page explains what you should consider before you choose a driveway gate.

Materials and maintenance

You can find three common driveway gate materials, and these are wrought iron, steel, and timber. These materials don’t need a lot of maintenance, and the amount of maintenance can depend on the location of your property. Both wrought iron and steel are ferrous metals, so they can rust, especially if your property is near the coast. Coastal areas tend to have salt-laden air. Therefore, there is a chance that you may require regular repainting to protect the gate from rust.

Alternatively, you can ask your driveway gate supplier to utilize stainless steel when making the gate. This is because this metal can resist rust. Remember that timber can be hard to maintain because it can rot. Worse still, timber can be susceptible to pest damage and tends to be less durable than iron and stainless steel. But if the area you live in has mild weather and few pests, then a timber driveway gate can be the best option as it requires less regular maintenance.

Manual or electric driveway gate

An electronic gate can provide a wide range of benefits that a manual gate cannot. For example, if you have a long driveway and receive regular visitors, then you may have to walk to your gate most of the time to open it up. On the other hand, you can use a remote control to open your driveway electric gate. An electronic gate can be suitable for bad weather, emergencies, and parties.

The downside is that an electronic gate can be quite expensive. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then your best option is the manual gate. In this way, you can decide to invest more money in the design and look of your gate instead of its functionality.

Security and privacy

Timber and steel driveway gates have more solid varieties, and can have more features than a standard wrought iron gate. Therefore, if you value your privacy and security, then consider purchasing tall gates that have fewer openings. If the style is more valuable to you, then you can go for a custom wrought iron gate.

You should also consider the safety of your loved ones and pets before choosing a driveway gate. Pets and children can go through a gate opening, so you need to have a solid driveway gate. Also, you should look at accessibility during emergencies, so a remote-controlled gate can be a suitable one to allow cars to have quick access to your property.


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