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Why You Should Consider Investing In A CIPP Liner

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is a trenchless procedure for fixing or rehabilitating pipes. In this process, pipe specialists put a flexible liner—containing an epoxy resin material—inside the damaged pipeline. This liquid-like coating of the liner hardens after being cured, creating a watertight and durable inner tube inside the existing pipe. With a CIPP liner, home and business owners can repair and restore their existing pipes efficiently.

You can buy CIPP liners from industry-leading manufacturers today to ensure a successful CIPP installation. These experts develop a plan to deliver the best solution and provide continuous guidance throughout the process. In addition, they work with you to assess your specific requirements and conditions. Then, they select the CIPP lining accessories that best suit your needs.

Read more to delve deeper into the critical reasons why you should invest in a CIPP liner.

  • Fixes Many Pipe Damage Types

Whether you’re a homeowner or real estate business owner, you’ll likely encounter pipe damage to your property. It’s one of the leading causes of water damage that needs immediate action. Every property contains various pipes that can break or burst. These include sewage and sink pipes found in the interior or exterior walls, in the basement, or underground. Regardless of the pipe’s location, it’s crucial to be proactive to prevent issues like mold growth on top of water damage.

The good news is that you can repair pipe damage with the help of a CIPP liner. This includes nearly all types of pipe problems, including corrosion, cracking, fracturing, deterioration with age, root or plant intrusion, and damage from faulty installation. Simply put, a CIPP liner can fix any leaking, cracking, worn-down, and broken pipes without potentially causing any further damage. It’s also much more efficient compared to doing a complete replacement.

  • Requires No Major Excavation 

Although some pipe problems don’t require digging, there are still unavoidable issues that require sewer excavation. These problems include cracked or burst pipes, and one type of digging method to solve pipe problems is pipe bursting excavation. However, many homeowners don’t prefer this in order to repair their sewer lines because it means digging their yards. Restoring the sewer line using major excavation work can eventually destroy their lawn.

Fortunately, fixing pipe damage without ruining your property’s curb appeal is now possible. CIPP lining is the best pipe lining repair method to resolve any damaged pipe issue without major digging. It’s a trenchless plumbing technology that doesn’t come with the traditional inconveniences of fixing burst or cracked pipes.

A professional in the field will make the CIPP liner go through an existing access area, such as a maintenance or utility hole. After that, they will install the liner on-site through a wet-out process. Then, the lateral connections in the sewer can be restored without excavation.

  • Provides Long-Lasting Effects 

The primary purpose of CIPP lining is to preserve existing pipes with intruding roots, cracks, leaks, and rust. You can expect the results of a successful CIPP lining project to last 50 to 60 years if properly maintained. Its epoxy itself can last 10 to 15 years.

Moreover, you can add several layers of epoxy if you want to strengthen the inside of the pipes. The epoxy can last even longer when adequately maintained. The reason for the epoxy’s robustness lies in the CIPP liner’s resin component. It’s a very thick liquid that completely covers the liner, which later hardens after being cured with steam. So, adding layers of epoxy onto the insides of the pipes can make them last for several decades.

  • Provides A Cost-Effective Solution 

When you’re dealing with plumbing emergencies, saving time and money is crucial to return to your daily responsibilities as soon as possible. Fortunately, investing in a CIPP liner is cost-effective and much more efficient than other pipe repair and replacement methods. Again, with a CIPP liner, digging trenches isn’t necessary. That means you can save on digging costs and avoid daily life disruptions that usually happen during traditional pipeline system restoration.

Moreover, investing in a CIPP liner solution lets you save on surface restoration costs. Since it doesn’t involve major excavation, you lessen the labor and material costs you’ll have to pay. You’ll also avoid the stress of having multiple workers on your property. You mainly will only have to work with pipeline experts, who are experienced in delivering solutions to your pipe problems.


Overall, investing in a CIPP liner is an excellent way to repair your damaged pipes. Helping avoid the disruption of business operations, this liner solution allows property owners to not settle for costly and time-consuming repairs. It’s also effective in addressing various pipe problems, including those that involve corrosion, intrusive tree roots, and age-related damage. When you opt for a CIPP liner to resolve your pipe situation, you’ll know you’re making a well-informed decision.


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