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How does the constant pressure system work?

Water pressure decides how fast the water runs from the tap. If your system has low water pressure then it becomes difficult for you to use two taps at the same time.

Say, you are cleaning your dishes and your partner is in the shower. Since the usage has increased the speed at which you will receive water will be very slow.

High water pressure, on the other hand, provides a lot of speed, but it also wastes a lot of water. Your tank would run out and you’d have no idea how it happened.

The perfect middle ground that a lot of people prefer these days is made possible by a constant pressure system. In this article, we shall learn more about it.

What is a constant pressure system?

A constant pressure system changes the water pressure based on water usage. Let us continue with the earlier example to understand this better. You are receiving water with certain pressure while you are doing your dishes. Your partner enters the shower and turns on the tap. If you have a standard system with low pressure, the speed at which you were receiving water for the dishes will diminish.

But, with a constant pressure system, the pressure changes based on the need, maintaining a consistent flow of water without any change in pressure.

A lot of households are making use of the constant pressure system to save money by using water more efficiently. Let us understand how this amazing system works.

How does it work?

Understanding how this system works isn’t rocket science. It is quite easy. Here, it is explained in the simplest terms:

You must have installed a pump or a motor to your well to draw out water. The system works by regulating the speed of this pump. And the controller is the sensor.

The whole thing is dependent on this very crucial piece called the sensor. When the sensor senses an increase in the usage of water it will send a signal to increase the speed of the pump. Similarly, it reduces the speed when the water usage decreases.

By controlling the speed of the pump proportional to the intensity of water usage we can maintain constant water pressure.

How does this system help?

The system has a bunch of different benefits. To begin with, it will give you a constant speed of water no matter how much or how little you use it.

This system is very environmentally friendly. It reduces the amount of water wasted in a high pressure system. It will also reduce energy consumption in the long run.

Since the system reduces energy consumption and wastage of water you will save a lot of money over time.

This system also requires smaller tanks saving you a lot of space. A good constant pressure installation service should be able to help you decide on the size of the tank based on your need and water consumption.

Maintaining a system isn’t that difficult either provided you are in association with a good company.


Pressure fluctuations make it difficult to complete normal home tasks like washing clothes and operating the dishwasher. These machines require a steady supply of water. If you use a sprinkler to water your lawn you will need constant pressure for that too. Uneven pressure will lead to dead grass in certain areas where water couldn’t reach.
A constant water system is a savior at times like this. It will provide you with even water pressure by adjusting the speed of your pump or motor. Moreover, it helps in saving energy and money.


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