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Cozy Log Cabins: Our Guide to Log Home Maintenance

Did you know that the first log cabins in America were built by Swedish and Finnish immigrants?

For centuries, Americans have flocked to cabins to escape the hustle and bustle of life and recharge in nature. Although log cabins are beautiful, owning one requires some special care to keep it in top shape.

Want to become an expert on log home maintenance? Keep reading for 5 must-know tips.

1. Start Your Log Home Maintenance by Washing and Inspecting the Exterior

Contrary to popular belief, log cabin maintenance isn’t as hard as you’d think! The chore you have to do most often is keep the exterior clean. This involves hosing off any dirt, pollen, bird droppings, or other debris.

Whenever you do these cleanings, which should be around three times a year, you should also inspect the wood. If you happen to notice any cracks, you don’t have to worry as long as they’re small. If the cracks get larger over time, then you should call in an expert to make sure the structure is safe.

2. Do Some Landscaping

Log home care requires having a happy balance of plant life surrounding your cabin. If you have too many shrubs and trees, the wood won’t get enough sunlight to stay dry. This could lead to mold, rot, and other serious issues.

If you don’t have enough plants, the sun could be too strong. Too much sunlight can prematurely age your wood and damage the protective outer layers.

In order to maintain your cabin, you should let plants grow nearby. If they get too close to your home and start trapping moisture, then it’s time to give them a trim.

3. Install and Maintain Gutters

If your log cabin doesn’t already have a gutter system in place, then you’re putting your home at risk. Without proper drainage, your wood is susceptible to mold, mildew, rot, and leaks.

Once you have gutters installed, you’ll want to clear any debris at least twice a year to ensure they can keep draining. While you do this, be sure to wear gloves and a mask so you don’t inhale anything that could irritate your lungs.

4. Apply Stain as Needed

One of the most important log cabin maintenance and repair tasks is to ensure your wood is protected from the elements. Log cabin homeowners maintain their wood by applying stain, which is a spray that helps seal the exterior.

Although the staining process can be a bit of a pain, the good news is that you’ll only have to do this chore every three years or as needed. As long as the finish on your wood isn’t chipping, your cabin should be in excellent condition.

5. Keep Insects at Bay

If your home was built by cabin experts like Lodge Log and Timber, then you can feel at peace knowing you have the highest quality wood on the market. Not all wood is created equal, so some types are more susceptible to infestations.

Rot and insect infestations go hand in hand. If you notice that the exterior wood is getting soft, this makes it easier for all kinds of insects to drill their way inside. The best way to protect your home against infestations is to apply stain finishes that are designed to repel insects and keep your wood dry.

If you notice any signs of an infestation, it’s best to treat the problem right away. As more bugs eat their way through your wood, the more your home’s structure is at risk.

Want More Helpful Tips?

With these 5 log home maintenance tips, you’ll be able to keep your cabin in pristine shape all year.

For more helpful homeowner guides and real estate information, be sure to check out our blog. If you’re interested in buying property in Miami, you can also check out our properties for sale.


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