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How to Create Your Own Coffee Bar at Home

We all know that coffee is an important fixture in our lives. So, it’s no surprise people are creating spaces in their homes to enjoy it every day.

Coffee bars are taking off in popularity. When you’ve got one in your home. You and your guests can enjoy specialty café-quality coffee beverages like espresso, cappuccino, latte and so much more. A coffee station is also a great way to improve the interior décor of your home, depending on its location.

In today’s post, we will cover some resourceful tips on how to create your own coffee bar at home. So, let’s get started!

Tips to Consider

Here are important tips you should consider for creating your own coffee bar at home:

Choose a Suitable Location

When it comes to designing a coffee bar, the first thing you are going to do is choose a suitable location in your home. A coffee bar is one of the best ways to elevate your home’s interior design, depending on where it is located.

Usually, most people prefer a kitchen coffee station, but it is not a rule of thumb. You can set up the bar in your home office, entertainment room, or dining room. The location you choose, however, depends mostly on the available space.

Determine how much space you need or have before you make any purchases. If the kitchen counter is your ideal location, then you may not need to worry so much about space. This is so because your space is already predefined and restricted by the design of the kitchen counter.

If you opt for a different location other than your kitchen counter, then it has to be a spot near the kitchen, living room, dining room, entertainment room, or home office. The perfect spot can be a corner or a hallway.

These suggestions, however, should not limit your options. You can always find the best spot that meets your needs, depending on the interior design of your home.

What Kind of Coffee Are You Brewing

Once you’ve got the ideal location and space for setting up your coffee bar. The next important thing is to determine the kind of coffee you are going to be brewing and how often. The most popular brewing method in most homes is either espresso or pour-over.

If espresso is your preferred brewing method, then your setup has to include the espresso machine, grinder, and tamping station. One of the most reliable espresso coffee makers is the Nespresso VertuoPlus Machine. This uniquely designed machine brews high-quality espressos and double espressos. Read more here about the Nespresso VertuoPlus Machine.

For pour-over, your setup has to include the kettle, grinder, and decanter.

How Big of Space Do You Need

Determine how much space you need or have before you make any purchases.

If the kitchen counter is your ideal location, then you may not need to worry so much about space. This is so because your space is already predefined and restricted by the design of the kitchen counter.

You need to add up the widths of each of the items that you want on top of your bar to correctly determine the space you need. Then add around one foot for the tamping area. Also, do not forget to take into account any other things that you might want on the bar. This includes space for storing your beans or pods.

As far as depth is concerned, you can either measure the equipment you already have or get the measurements online.

How Easy is it to Use?

The coffee station you create should be easy to use. As such, there are a few smaller things that you might want to consider when designing your coffee bar with regard to workflow and ease of use.

You don’t want to be scrambling around when you are brewing coffee. If your setup includes an espresso machine, you should keep the side with the milk pitcher clear. This provides you with enough room to maneuver your milk pitcher when steaming milk. You also don’t want the hot steam to be blowing on any appliances close by.

You also don’t want to be running back and forth from one end of your coffee bar to the other. So, keep all your espresso gear clumped together on one side of the station.

The workflow of your coffee bar is going to vary depending on the type of machine and equipment you have at home.

Choose a Style that Works Best for You

There are many coffee bar ideas you can create at home. But, here are the most popular ones that we recommend:

Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar

As the name suggests, this is a coffee station that is created on top of the kitchen counter. It is probably the cheapest and easiest option for most people.

It is much easier to create this type of station on a larger kitchen counter. You can express your personality in a unique style. For example, you can install two wooden shelves on top of the counter for storage. You can do a simple do-it-yourself kitchen shelf project at home. You can use a circular saw with a wood-cutting blade to cut the correct size shelves.

The most important things to include on a counter coffee bar include but are not limited to:

  • Grinder
  • Espresso machine
  • Decanter
  • Storage canisters
  • Stirrers, spoons, and other accessories
  • Glasses and cups
  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Coffee pods
  • Extra toppings or flavorings

Cart Coffee Bar

A cart coffee bar is one of the most versatile coffee station styles you can consider creating at home. It is a flexible option that you can use almost anywhere in the house. It is a great option when you’ve got guests.

One of the easiest ways for creating a cart coffee bar is by using a bar cart, which you can shop online for less than 100 USD. You can choose between a 2-tier and 3-tier bar cart, depending on your preference. But, make sure the design you choose is big enough, robust, and has lockable wheels.

Location is also important when setting up this unique coffee station. It has to be near a socket for plugging the coffee machine and grinder. If you are using a traditional pour-over method and pre-ground coffee, then you’ve got more diversified locations.

For an espresso setup, you will need a smaller machine that fits perfectly on the top tier of the bar cart. Make sure the steam wand of the machine is on one end of the cart for easy maneuverability when you are using it to froth milk. Then place your grinder on the other end of the top tier.

Place your coffee decanter, cups, mugs, glasses, and stirrers among other things on the second tier of the bar cart. Use a small tray to organize the cups and mugs.

Put some roasted coffee beans and chocolate in easy-clip glass jars and place them in between the grinder and coffee machine.

You can organize your cart coffee bar in so many. All you’ve got to do is be innovative, depending on what you want your cart coffee bar to have.

Coffee Bar Shelf

A coffee bar shelf is a great option for a small apartment kitchen. You need floating shelves for this particular coffee station.

You have to do a small DIY project for this type of coffee station. You can get wall-mounted floating shelves online for less than 100 USD if you are working with a tight budget. Alternatively, you can settle for high-end shelves if you’ve got a bigger budget.

Installing floating shelves isn’t difficult. Here are a few things you have to do:

  • Locate the studs in your drywall
  • Make pilot holes in one of the studs
  • Add two anchors for the shelf
  • Create three pilot holes in the supporting bracket
  • Install the bracket onto the wall
  • Carefully slide the wooden shelf into the bracket
  • Screw the top of the shelf into the metal bracket
  • Install cup hooks under the shelf for organizing cups

Once the shelf is set up, you can go ahead and organize your coffee bar shelf. The coffee maker or machine and the grinder can be positioned on the two far ends. Then put some chocolate and roasted coffee beans in glass jars and place them near the grinder. You can put your decanter next to your coffee maker or machine.

Use the hooks under the shelf to hang coffee cups. This is a small station, so, you don’t have to hang many cups.

If one shelf isn’t enough for your needs, you can always add another one.

Keep It Clean

Another important thing you have to take into consideration when creating a coffee bar at home is the ease of cleaning.

There are a few things you can use to minimize how frequently you have to clean your station and make it less messy. The first and most important is getting a rubber coffee bar mat. Find one that fits nicely to the size of your counter, bar cart, or shelf. The second thing you need is microfiber towels for wiping the station.

Final Words

There are many coffee bar ideas you can think of or find online. For us, we think a counter coffee bar, a cart coffee bar, and a coffee bar shelf are among the easiest to create at home. We hope this guide has provided you with all the important insights you need for creating your first coffee bar at home. Good luck with your DIY!


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