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Creating A Family Memorial At Home

Depending on the size and functional utility of your property, you may have some freedom in developing the space. For some, this means landscaping the garden and organizing the grounds so that the home remains private, protected, and surrounded by well-cultivated natural beauty.

For others – it may mean developing a specific building space that can be used for a functional utility – like a barn that may be used for accommodating horses as well as all the equipment used to keep them healthy and in perfect condition.

It’s also worth considering some of the more unique functionalities you may wish to keep. If your family home has been around for generations, or you plan for this real estate to become a fixture in your family life, it can be nice to craft a family memorial for that purpose.

This can take many forms. For some, it may be an internal crypt under the building which helps intern your family members or create symbolic gestures to their worth. This could be exterior, where headstones and respectful grave decorations mark and celebrate the life of your family member forever more.

As this is quite a unique and uncommonly found provision in many households – we believe it could be valuable to offer some advice as to where you’d get started. Without further ado, please consider some of the following advice:

A Plaque Display

While the underground crypt idea may seem like a good, if somewhat classical way to keep family members over the generations, it may seem a little old-hat or perhaps not as desirable as it may have been in the past.

However, dedication plaques can often provide a worthwhile space to showcase the lost members of your family and the time in which they lived. This can also be coupled with a nice quote or some information about the person – or may just be tied under the banner of ‘in loving memory.’

Carefully and neatly presented, perhaps internally or perhaps as part of a stable outer wall, you get to showcase your family in the best way. These can last for decades upon decades, and even centuries if kept well and cleaned. In the long run, it’ll make a profound difference to your overall well-being.

A Memorial Site

Curating a specific memorial site can be a nice way to create a walkable space where the graves of your family are located. Nestled in a certain area of your large garden or grounds, with hedges surrounding the area and a neat pathway, as well as bench dedications, you may have a worthwhile, respectful private space to grieve.

Having a space like this can help your family always remain tied to the location, on property they may have cherished themselves. Landscaping the area and having areas for fresh flowers to be laid can also help the space look gorgeous, often camellias, crimson roses, daffodils and more can be appropriate flowers to keep in a grave/memorial site.

You may also use this as an opportunity to implement your own decorative features, like a statue in the middle of the memorial site that’s relevant to your family, or if you can justify the expense, perhaps even a statue of a family member. It can also be nice to have fences put up to further keep the area private.

Familial Tapestries & Artwork

If you don’t have the physical space necessary for a larger installation, then it could be providing a simple wall-based approach, similar to the plaque idea, to host artwork and decorations celebrating your family.

A nice, traditional way to commission a unique piece is in contacting tapestry-makers. Here they can better weave representations of figures from your family, a genealogy family tree you can hang proudly in your entrance hall, or even art made from prior family photographs or paintings you have in your possession.

For some, even implementing a family bust can be a nice, classical means of memorializing a family member – a truly wonderful ornament for representing someone’s likeness in a persevering format.

Dedications & Naming Conventions

Helping a family member’s memory persist can often be achieved via naming convention where appropriate. This isn’t just a provision that works for intra-family connections. It’s not uncommon for institutions to name certain buildings or wings after their donors or historical founders, for example. This doesn’t even have to apply to buildings only – for example, the flying formation group of the Royal Air Force fast-jet acrobatic team, the Red Arrows, use the term ‘Gypo’ for pilots 5 to 9 when in flight, a reference to one of the founding members of the team.

But how might this work for your own home? Well, however, you’d like it too! Naming a wing of your house after a member of your family, or perhaps even after a great friend of the family can be a beautiful way to keep their memory alive. Alternatively, you may dedicate your gardens or a new construction based on those who made it possible.

This way, the spirit of your loved one will be part of the fundamental construction of the space.

To conclude, crafting a family memorial at home can take many forms and provide many ways to honor and love those you care about, both living and passed.

There’s no reason as to why you can’t invent your own means of paying your respects. Framed photographs can be enough. Alternatively, you could also combine every other recommendation on this list within your property if you find that suitable.

Moreover, you don’t have to craft a huge space for the last five generations of your family in order to begin. If you’ve recently come into the worthwhile property, perhaps through us, then you can start now, and become the founding members of such a tradition.

Luxury real estate is beautiful when created, but is made more special when those living their own imprint their own history and personality into the space. Might it be that this is the approach you’ll take?


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