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Custom Log Cabins And Log Homes – Perfect For Your Family Retreat

How do you envision your retirement to be like? Do you see yourself taking it easy, sitting back and enjoying the luxuries of life knowing you have taken quite a ride? Do you dream of spending the rest of your days with the family, watching your grandchildren expend all their energy playing in front of the porch all day?

Well, these all sure sound nice. It would be great if you get to retire in a peaceful place, surrounded by the warmth and love of a family that truly cares for you. But why must this remain a dream when you can create this future for yourself while you’re still young and able?

That’s right. To retire in paradise is not really something only a few privileged individuals get to experience. It’s something available for everyone; it’s something all of us can experience if we work hard enough today and claim it for ourselves. If you’re not planning to retire in style in the first place, then what’s the use of working so hard today? All of us deserve a relaxing retreat when we grow old and wrinkled. It’s like the biggest thanks we can afford ourselves for all our years of hard work. Check out this link.

Since we’re on the topic of retiring in style, may I make a terrific suggestion? How about investing in a custom log cabin?

Why A Log Cabin Of All Things?

A log cabin is a cozy shelter constructed using – why wouldn’t you guess – logs. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen one before, even if not personally. Log homes are often depicted in movies that involve camping scenes and families going on a nature retreat. If you’ve been to mountain resorts and maybe even villages near mountain ranges, there are sure to be log cabins there as well.

Still, why am I suggesting this of all things?

For one, nothing beats the comfort nature provides. Planning to put up a retirement home in rural areas or even villages in mountainsides may be an idea you would want to entertain. After hustling and bustling all your life in the big city, don’t you think you and your lungs deserve a break? There’s nothing more fulfilling and rejuvenating than spending your days wrapped in the warm embrace of Mother Nature, living inside an all-natural log cabin too! Check out this amazing person’s feat building a perfectly good wooden home all by himself:

You see, anyone can own a modern home these days. In fact, by the time you retire, I’m guessing cities would be overpopulated with residential areas already. More people may be residing in apartments, condo units, flats, and other economic living spaces. After all, the city offers convenience and accessibility. There are supermarkets there, hospitals, schools, market places, and the like. Surely, anyone who’s used to city life would prefer to live amongst the bustling streets of urbanized societies.

Still, one can only take so much of the city life. Eventually, you’ll get tired. Your soul will be run down, exhausted even. And your body will start craving for nature again. This is because we humans are meant to be with nature. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, we would still want to crawl back to our natural instincts and live where trees are still growing actual leaves.

Investing in a log cabin or home during your productive years is good preparation for the future. Even if we don’t bring retirement into the picture, owning a real, wood cabin at a relaxing location is still a good thing for the family. This way, whenever the city life gets a little too suffocating, you and your family will always have a place to run to and recharge your spirits. A log home is the perfect retreat for tired and weary souls. There’s just something spiritual about them, especially when they’re made with real wood – not the cheap plastic imitations sold in hardware stores.

How Much Would A Log Cabin Cost You?

To be really honest, log cabins don’t come cheap. This is because wood is precious and we’re no longer in the 1800’s wherein people could cut down forests without a care in the world. Our predecessors already did a pretty good job depleting perfectly good sources of wood and our generation is still trying to clean up after their mess. Nowadays, wood is highly valued and you can’t just cut down as many as you want without applying for necessary permits and licenses. This is why log cabins often come at a considerable price. You can check out Mountain Ridge Log Homes to get a better idea of the pricing.

But despite the price, log cabins are very durable and chic which is why many are still so into them even to this day. And don’t worry. Most companies that construct them are responsible enough to plant a new tree whenever they need to cut down one for material. If people did this in the first place, we wouldn’t be having problems like forest depletion now – would we? But hey, that’s a topic for a different day.

Anyway, the price of a log home typically increases as the amount of wood or “logs” used increases. This means that you may also opt for a modern log cabin that is a fusion of natural and modern-day construction materials such as cement. This way, you can cut down on costs without having to completely abandon the idea of creating a home with that log-cabin feel.

Again, if you want to retire in style, better start investing now.


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