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Damage Control: Marketing After The Fact

When a real estate company suffers a horrible crime at one of its properties it can be a hard task to clean up the mess. You have to begin a new marketing campaign so that the old image is no longer visible. Tainted with the horrible memory of a crime such as a homicide, drugs, or assault case, it will remind guests of what happened in the rooms they are in if you don’t change tack. But how do you do this for such a complex industry that requires stability above all else?

The physical clean up

Firstly, you need to rid the area or room of the past. So call in an expert such as one of the trusted crime scene cleaning companies that can deal with this. They will use chemicals that will get rid of blood stains but not damage the carpet. They can use techniques to find other things such as spit and hair that might be hiding in the corners of the room. They will go from top to bottom, helping to bring the room’s shine back and this can be for a condo, apartment, or perhaps a house. They are available 24/7 which is great for when you need to offer the property up as soon as possible. Calling them in at night can also avoid news cameras and local newspapers who are snooping around for a scoop.

Marketing again

Maybe they have already broadcast what happened. It could be that you are the unfortunate business of a shooting that occurred between two people. Maybe a criminal was selling banned substances out of the room in your motel. Regardless of what kind of real estate business you are in, you must market again. This has to occur with a genuine need to do this, you cannot market just one room or use old footage.

How to begin

It begins by thinking of your property in a different light. You cannot go on with the same train of thought as before, because it reminds people of what occured. Don’t forget, if this was a major incident, the news outlets will be playing your ads all day and night. Something like a theme song of your hotels can become associated with a horrible crime. So, you have to brainstorm and begin from a new angle.

  • Can you market your property to a different age group?
  • Is it possible to focus more on location and views rather than decor?
  • Can you perhaps focus more on amenities rather than the rooms?

Do anything you can to get the focus away from the rooms for a while as this can separate the imagery of the crime in people’s minds.

Social media

No matter what you do, don’t take your foot off the gas when it comes to social media. You can easily shift the perception of your real estate business from a bad image to a new vibrant place to visit. Whether you’re a hotel or motel, focus on high-quality images and unique hashtags.

When something awful happens at one of your properties as a real estate firm, it’s vital that you don’t delay, just begin a new marketing campaign to shift from a bad memory.


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