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Deciding When to Repair a Garage Door

Garage door problems are subject to various internal and external causes that usually stem from technical issues, obstructions, to wear and tear. A garage door in detrimental condition is both a safety and security hazard. A damaged garage door provides convenient access to possible intruders and pests, and animals from outside.

Some common indicators of garage door damage are spring breakage, electrical issues, wear and tear, sensor issues, etc. It is important to address these warning signs so that they don’t lead to significantly more damage over time.

Repairing the garage door vs. replacing the garage door

The repair vs. replacement decision depends on the severity of the damage. If the damage on your garage door is limited to minor wear and tear, which does not affect your door’s structural integrity, then you can easily repair such doors. You can easily fix minor structural damages related to springs, openers, and handles. However, if the garage door has sustained serious structural injuries due to external vehicle collision, heavy wind damage, etc., you should consider replacing the entire garage door.

It might be hard to comprehend minor wear and tear from a garage door repair issue that needs serious attention. So, here’s a guide to help you know if it’s time to repair the garage door:

How to tell if it’s time to repair a garage door?

It’s time to repair the garage door when it starts to wear out or if any moving parts need to be replaced.

As a result of years of weather exposure, a garage door’s exterior may become discolored and distorted. A garage door also includes many different parts that allow it to operate seamlessly, and any significant signs of wear and tear to these parts can make your door unsafe. Over time, moisture and temperature changes can interfere with the smooth functioning of the garage door.

This wear and tear might add up in the long run. The garage door or its moving parts might need to be repaired if there is wear and tear.

It’s time to repair the malfunctioning garage door

Issues like misaligned sensors or a failing opener may cause doors to only open and close with manual assistance. It can also happen if. Similarly, when your garage door doesn’t open, it might not be due to an issue with the garage door opener. The problem might be with the garage door springs that assist with opening the door.

Whatever the reason, there is no second opinion that the garage doors not opening and closing whenever you need is painful. Thus, addressing the issue and repairing the garage door is important.

If the weather seal is broken, it’s time to repair the garage door

Over time, the garage door seal becomes brittle and cracked, allowing water and debris to enter your garage. This weather seal breakage can damage your door by causing rust and making it look bad. The broken weather seals on your garage door might make operating hard.

Thus, regular garage door inspection and repair can help prevent such weather seal damages.

It’s time to repair the garage door if the sensors do not work properly

The two safety sensors on your garage door keep it from closing on someone or something. One sensor sends an infrared beam, and the other receives the shaft. The beam senses any person or a thing in the way; the closing door reverses direction.

If a safety sensor stops working, then it can lead to misfortune. So, it’s time to repair the garage door if the sensors do not work properly.

It’s time to repair the garage door if it does not close fully

When your garage door doesn’t close evenly (for example, the door is heavier on one side), the springs on one side could be affected. You may only need to do very little maintenance for a jammed garage door by cleaning the mechanisms and tracks around the garage door.

Thus, if the problem is due to the springs, it is important to repair them. The springs are responsible for the heaviest lifting during operation. So, fixing the springs to prevent damage to other components and stress on the motor is important.

It’s time to repair the garage door if it’s old

Garage doors typically last over a decade if properly maintained and inspected regularly. However, visual garage door inspection every six months can be helpful. Some other factors influencing the door’s life span are Materials, Inspection, proper maintenance, and amount of use.

Thus, scheduling an annual maintenance inspection with your local garage door repair company is wise to identify any issues before needing a full door replacement.

If it randomly opens and closes, it’s time to repair the garage door

Randomly opening and closing is a common sign of a failing garage door opener. The common reason behind this is a problem with the circuit board of the garage door.

It’s a serious security issue that needs immediate attention. You might need professional help from your nearest garage door repair company to repair the circuit board.

It’s time to repair the garage door if it’s rattling

An important cause of a noisy door is insufficient lubrication. You can easily solve the poor lubrication problem by oiling all moving parts, including hinges, chains, and rollers. However, if your door has issues other than inadequate lubrication, such as broken hinges, springs, etc., it may need to be repaired. Many lubrication products are available to help you tackle the problem if it’s a lubrication issue. If not, then you need professional garage door repair services.


Garage door problems can be very frustrating. Even the smallest issues can stress the doorframe and mechanical systems. This stress usually leads to more involved and expensive matters over the long term. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to fix a damaged garage door.

Minor issues in the garage door do not require professional help. However, more serious damage, like a broken spring, will require the expertise of a professional for garage door repair or replacement. Regular garage door inspections and seeking timely professional garage door repair help to avoid further damage and inconvenience is the key to an unproblematic garage door.


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