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Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

Nothing scares a homeowner more than a need to invest their money in new appliances. We all prefer to ensure something is completely broken before reaching deeper into our pockets. After all, why spend money on something new when you can repair it?

The problem is, though, that the more you use something, the more time and money you should spend on maintenance. Garage doors are the perfect example.

Getting a new garage door is costly, and repairs are often all you need to keep it in shape. Unfortunately, there’s a moment when you need to say goodbye to your old garage door and find a replacement.

For instance, if the emergency garage door repair service phone number starts showing on your speed dial, it’s probably high time to replace the door.

To help you determine whether your garage door may need repair or replacement, we’ve prepared the following guide.

When to Repair Garage Doors

As mentioned above, not all issues require getting a garage door replacement. Of course, it all depends on the problem you’re experiencing. However, if you’ve noticed one of the following issues, a simple repair should do the trick.

The replacement won’t be necessary, if:

  • Your garage door has suddenly stopped working
  • Door feels heavy
  • There’s a damaged panel
  • Your garage door is leaning

Keep in mind, though, that you should always call a professional who will estimate the damage and provide you with more information. However, if you want to ensure you don’t come across a con man, it’s good to know a thing or two about your door.

For instance, heavy doors may signal worn torsion springs, meaning a simple repair is all your door needs. And when it comes to the problem of sudden opening and closing system failure, the case might be you don’t need repairs at all.

Chances are you have to replace batteries in your remote. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to call for professional aid. Still, it should be a quick and relatively easy repair.

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Some issues are more severe than others, though, and spending money on constant repairs doesn’t make any sense. In some cases, getting a new garage door is necessary. When? It depends, but usually, you should start looking for a replacement when:

  • The garage door hasn’t been working for some time
  • You’ve noticed significant damage on your door
  • Your door consume a great load of energy

However, besides damage, there are also other things you need to consider. For instance, repairing older garage doors doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention the older the garage door, the more money you’ll spend on repairs.

Older doors also reduce your energy-efficiency and home security. With that in mind, if your door is more than 20 years old, installing a new door is the most cost-effective choice.

Garage Door Opener

Sometimes, it may seem like your garage door requires replacing, whereas it’s the opener that’s broken. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck as getting a new garage door opener is relatively cheap.

Usually, the most commons signs of a malfunctioning door opener include:

  • Slower movements
  • Loud and unusual noises
  • Vibrations

However, before you decide whether you need to replace or repair your garage door opener, you should check what’s exactly wrong with it. Usually, opener problems involve a broken chain or belt and disconnected rail.

These problems are often easy to repair, so it’s good to check your door thoroughly before calling for help.

Other Things to Consider

Before making your decision, there are other things you may want to consider. As mentioned above, getting a brand new garage door is a costly venture, so it’s best to look for ways to save money.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear not only affects your garage door performance, but it also makes your home look less appealing. It doesn’t mean you have to replace your door, though.

For instance, if there’s a problem with a single panel, you should consider garage door repair ahead of replacement. However, if you see that multiple panels are broken, it might be time to get a new door.

Your Budget

In the short term, repair may seem like the best solution. You need to look at your garage door as a long-term investment, though. Keep in mind that if your door requires multiple repairs, you won’t save any money.

On the contrary, you’re likely to spend more than on a replacement garage door. A new set of doors will last longer and should require less maintenance than your old door.

Before you make your choice, take a look at your budget and determine whether you can afford a new door.

Resale Value

Did you know that your garage door plays a vital role in your home’s value? A new set of garage doors can boost your listing price even up to 4 %, with an average of 97,5 % of recovered investment costs.

Considering such an excellent cost to value ratio, it’s not a surprise that many homeowners decide to get their garage door replaced when putting their home on the market.

Of course, it all depends on the current state of your old door. If there aren’t any significant damages and you can effortlessly open and close it, investing in the new set of garage doors isn’t a good idea.

Bottom Line

Deciding between repairs and a new set of garage doors can be tricky, and there are many things you need to consider before making your choice. For instance, if you want to increase the value of your home, replacing your old garage door is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a budget and your door is in relatively good shape, investing in a new one doesn’t make too much sense. It all depends on the severity and number of issues.

With some help from a professional garage door repair service, you may be able to extend your door’s life and save money on a new set of doors.


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