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How to Decorate Your Home Using Mid Century Modern Design

Are you nostalgic for decades gone by? Why not try a mid-century modern design remodel of your home? Not only does it provide you with that nostalgic feel, but it’s also timeless.

What exactly is mid-century modern design? It combines the styling of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s to create a poppy, retro vibe. Here, form follows function, and the materials used are highlighted rather than hidden.

Are you wondering how to implement this design style in your home? It’s easy! Read on to learn about how you can make it happen.

Mid Century Modern Design Furniture

First, you’re going to need to buy some furniture. But what does mid-century modern design furniture look like?

Wood furniture is definitely a good place to start. Usually, these pieces use walnut, oak, teak, or rosewood. Pieces made with a wood veneer can be used as well.

Try to find items made in America, Denmark, Italy, Japan, or Yugoslavia if you’re looking for authentic pieces. Check out this guide on properly identifying vintage pieces for more information.

For your kitchen, you’ll want clean lines and flat wood cabinets. Stainless steel appliances and laminate flooring will add to the feel. Remember, post-war homeowners were looking for modern, futuristic kitchens, and yours should reflect this sentiment.

But where can you find these items?

If you’re ambitious, try a flea market or vintage shop. However, there are plenty of furniture stores that focus on mid-century modern design. Browse some of the furniture on websites like Family Furniture of America to learn more about perfect mid-century modern pieces.

Mid Century Modern Colors

So, what color options go best with these furniture choices? For walls, you’re going to want to go with white paint. This was utilized so that the high-quality furnishings were the center of the room’s focus.

What about the rest? Try pairing items that are muted colors and pastels, especially light pink. Not only will they go well with your furniture, but they’re also timeless options that won’t go out of style.

If you’re looking to pay homage to a certain era, you can be more varied. The ’50s often had kicky bright hues, reflecting the optimism of the era. The ’60s and ’70s had a lot of earthy colors as well as greens and oranges.

Make sure not to overdo it, though. You don’t want a room saturated with clashing colors!

For additional style, add in some abstract prints and patterns. This takes advantage of the mid-century’s arts and crafts movement. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, add some wallpaper to match!

But don’t get too heavy-handed with the patterns. Although popular at the time, they’re a bit too kitschy for the modern era. Focus on a few accents in your room while letting simplicity shine for the rest of the area.

Ready to Decorate?

Now that you know what to look out for, you’re ready to create your mid-century modern design dream home.

Not sure if you can handle it all yourself? Read about how to find a great interior design company!


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