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What To Demand From A Luxury Condo

Condos and apartments are not the same things! Do not get it twisted, a condo is larger and has an exclusive condo community. It’s more open to the regulations so landlords can make their condo complexes more attractive. Apartments are for everyone and anyone, while condos are slightly higher up in the price range. Therefore they always seem to attract more affluent customers who wish to have more space and access to other amenities that apartments do not provide. Usually, there will be a shared pool, jacuzzi, and other things such as a game room in the middle of the complex. But what should you expect from a luxury condo as these are already a given?


Proximity of services

Without a doubt, one of the things that will make a condo worth its weight in salt, is the proximity to different amenities outside of the complex. For example, being close to a business district or perhaps a government building if you work in the public sector, is really advantageous. Being close to good public transport, i.e. a hallmark of any inner city is also nice to have. Other things such as cinemas, shopping malls, theaters, clubs, and bars are yet more things you would want to be close to. As ever, this will add to the price but it should really be something that the agent explicitly makes known.


A good view

You pay all this money and you should not expect to be looking at another high-rise building right outside the window. A good luxurious condo will have an amazing view. It all depends on where it is located and where it is built at that location. For example, the Riverside Condo options come with a breath-taking view of Bangkok. The heart and soul of Thailand look splendid during the night when all the buildings are lit up. You can see the skyline of the city like no one else. On top of this, you are close to the main road, so you have a view of all the major traffic in the city. The pretty, moving lights are like something out of a movie. You want this for a luxury high-end condo.

Contemporary decor

Perhaps the most prominent feature about condos is, you don’t usually have to bring your own furniture along when you move in. A luxurious condo must come with the best contemporary decor you see in interior design magazines. It has to be chic and practical, so you also have features like a drink cabinet, display cabinet, and other items like bookcases and pendant lighting. The kitchen must also be truly modern, with apps for almost every appliance that can have one. Automated thermostats and microwaves could be something you could demand from a luxurious condo. A great area rug and possibly hardwood flooring is also high up on the list.

A luxury condo is only below a penthouse. It’s an amazing type of property, with lots to offer you both in terms of leisure and professional capacity. Just remember that all of these things should be present when you have your viewing.


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