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Designing Your Student Accommodation

How do you make a house a home? Your student halls or student accommodation should have everything you want and should look at how you want it to look, but there are some essentials for you to consider when designing your student accommodation.

Look at the lighting

You’d be surprised just how many student accommodation rooms or houses are ruined by poor lighting. We’re not just talking about general ambiance, we’re speaking about flickering lights or lights that just don’t work in general.

While flickering lights can be a blessing if you’re looking to shoot a horror film or series four of Twin Peaks, we recommend having the lighting looked at, whether this by having the university send out an electrician to look at the lights or just going out and buying some bulbs yourself.

It’s also a good idea to pick up some bedside lamps or some fairy lights as a way of keeping your student accommodation well lit. Not all students enjoy having their main lights on when in the room, so having a small bedside lamp on will be a nice change of pace for you and will be better for general ambiance control.


Plants aren’t just for show you know! The fact that they add a bit of greenery to the room and look nice is a happy by-product, but plants are also a great way of oxygenating the room you’re in as well.

A plant is also a nice way for you to keep yourself distracted if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed as you need to water it all the time, which can give you a sense of responsibility and can also give you a nice little break from studying etc.

While it is certainly true that student accommodation can be a terrible place for plants given how much foot traffic there is, the liability of overheating, and the general lack of viable oxygen, it is, therefore, a good idea to get something small like a spider plant, a jade plant or a cactus.


Much like the plants, they look nice, but that is just a happy by-product. The main advantage of having candles in your student accommodation is that they’re a good way to eradicate bad smells from the room(s).

In student accommodation you’re likely to encounter all manner of nasty niffs; not everyone you live with or are in close proximity to will keep the accommodation in the same pristine nick that you’re sure to, so investing in some scented candles to keep the room smelling nice and fresh is a better idea than you might think.

Make sure you check with the university beforehand that candles are allowed. Not all universities allow students to have candles as they may be considered to be fire hazards. So if, for instance, you attend the University of Sheffield, then you should speak to the University of Sheffield Accommodation Office and see what the regulations are.

Remember where you came from

Having photos of friends and family is a nice way to remind yourself of what you have waiting for you when you go home.

For many students, a feeling of homesickness is very common, especially as you will likely be living on your own for the first time in your life. Mental health is something that cannot be overstated and how important it can be to keep things in perspective and memories of home and those that love and care about you is a great way to do just that!

Look at some storage boxes

You would not believe just how quickly a student’s room or house can be cluttered with stuff. While a lot of student work will likely be done online, you will have plenty of physical stuff to be pouring over in the meantime as well.

You don’t want to lose anything, so keeping everything neatly stored in some storage boxes is a great way of conserving space and keeping everything nice and ordered and easy to find.

Storage boxes tend to look a bit nicer than just stacks of paper and are also good ways of storing things like bedding or anything else that you’re not using at that point.


Getting nice bedding is a good way of making sure your university room or student accommodation looks nice and has a nice homely feel to it.

It’s also a nice way of introducing a splash of color to the room as well. While you won’t have total say on the way the room or house necessarily looks, your bed is yours to do with as you wish, so why not have it look how you want it to look?

You can usually find some nice cheap bedding ideas in places like Wilko or even in Primark, so you won’t even need to break the bank!


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