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Don’t Burn Out: 5 Serious Signs You Need to Hire a Heating Repair Service

Whether it’s frigid, freezing, or just plain brutally cold outside, your home’s heater should keep your entire abode toasty warm. If you lose heat, it could be an indication of a serious and potentially expensive problem.

If you notice that you’ve been having issues with keeping your place at a comfortable temperature, you could be in need of heating repair. This need may be necessary for a heater inside your home or a fire burner that may be sitting outside on your deck.

Gaps in the walls, your windows, and your roof could be to blame for escaped heat. These can be fixed with the aid of maintenance professionals akin to Equity Roofing so get in touch if you need to.

However, there could be another reason behind your cold home. You could be in need of heating repair. This need may be necessary for a heater inside your home or a fire burner that may be sitting outside on your deck.

Take a look at these five important signs that you might need to call in the experts for proper repair service.

1. Your Heating Bills Have Dramatically Increased

Most people know what the average cost is to heat their homes. If you’re noticing an unusual increase in your monthly heating bill, it could be a sign of trouble.

As your home’s heating system works harder, it can cause the cost of operation to skyrocket. A heater that is struggling to keep up in order to heat your home is probably in need of replacement parts or other possible repairs.

From the flooring to the decor, your home is your largest investment so it’s important to keep operating costs as low as possible.

2. Funky Noises Probably Indicate That You Need Heating Repair

Whether it’s a sputtering, popping, humming, or rattling sound, strange noises often mean there’s a serious underlying problem.

Gas and electric heaters each have their own unique set of parts and quirks, so if you hear odd sounds, you should contact a professional to come to investigate. Pros like Hays Cooling and Heating are specially trained to identify and correct these types of problems.

3. Check Your Heater’s ‘Birthday’

Just like anything that requires a combination of working parts, the age of your heater can have a profound effect on its performance. Check the serial number or owner’s manual to determine how old your home’s heating system is.

Most systems typically last anywhere between 15 to 20 years, so if yours is older, it’s most likely in need of some form of heating repair.

4. Your Gas Heater is Producing a Yellow Flame

A properly working gas heater should produce a blue flame, so if you see yellow, it’s definitely a cause for concern.

Yellow flames can indicate that your heater is producing carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous. If you see a yellow flame, turn the heater off and call a professional as soon as possible.

5. Dust and Allergies Abound

For those suffering from allergies, a non-functioning heater or one that’s in need of repair can wreak havoc on your health. If you’re beginning to notice dust buildup on furniture or dust in the air, it might be time for an inspection of your heater.

Replace the air filter first and see if the dust and allergy symptoms improve. If they don’t, there could be other underlying issues with parts that you can’t see.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Heater

Whether it’s an older system, problems with the pilot light, or a broken part, it’s important that you opt for heating repair performed by the experts whenever you run into any of these issues.

A well-working heating system should run quietly and provide your entire house with warming heat.

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