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Don’t Ignore the Obvious Signs of Foundation Damage – What to Look For

Today we’re partnering with the team at Restumping Melbourne, who are experts in the ways of reinforcing your home or business’ foundation. It sounds like something that’s so obvious, your home is affixed to the ground, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, correct?

Not so much, unfortunately. The Sky Five Properties team makes a point of partnering with companies who support our desire to always share the information that matters with our readers and customers. Today, Restumping Melbourne shares those sneaky signs to look for, so that foundation damage is never an issue.

Foundation damage is a big deal. And it’s one of the things that home renters and owners are notorious about slightly blurring their eyes to the issue of until it’s far too late. Worst-case scenario, your home’s skeleton (think about the beams, pillars, and other structural components) is irreparable and you need to look for new or temporary housing.

Exhale – we’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen if you follow the correct steps. A more likely situation – you’re going to have to deal with expensive and time-intensive updates or repairs. There’s a reason that home renovations are up there on the most stressful life events you can deal with, but if you know the signs, you can bypass all of these. Best case, you follow the tips below, have candid conversations with those you trust, and keep that money in your bank account where it belongs.

Excessive Moisture

Number one piece of advice – excessive amounts of moisture. Great in the sky after a drought, not great on the floor of any of your rooms. It can be as minimal as condensation that only appears to increase on your windows and as serious as puddles on the floor. When you see this, you should call a contractor right away to assess, and you should continue to ensure that regular maintenance of your home is a priority.

Wall, Floor and Ceiling Cracks

Next up on the priority list – cracks in the ceiling, floors and walls. If you live in an older home, it may seem normal and potentially even give it character. But anything wider than a 1/8 of an inch – and honestly of any length – you should keep an eye on.

If you think about it, this symptom makes the most sense of foundation damage. The foundation is buckling or moving and so too are pieces of your home. They’re not always going to move in the same direction, especially if your home is built on unstable ground or tricky terrain. Instead, it can feel like it’s pulling away from itself.

Foundation Movement and Uneven Floors

Now we have a game for you to play. Take a ball and roll it from one end of the room to the other; or rather, see if it rolls by itself. Sloped floors are another tell-tale sign that your foundation needs examining. It’s for the same reason as mentioned above, the stumps or poles in your foundation are faltering, meaning that over time, your home will end up being different heights.

Windows and Doors That Don’t Open and Close Properly

Finally, think about your windows and doors. We’re betting that they were a bit part of why you chose your home, so you should definitely take care of them. Do they all open and close properly or do you find that some of them swing open of their own accord or stick when you’re trying to close them? The worst is when this happens during especially warm or cold weather (and for some reason that always seems to be the case!)

All of the above are easy to avoid if you work with the right professionals. Questions? Reach out to us and be sure to check out the Restumping Melbourne site.


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