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Easy Home Hacks: Increase The Value Of Your Home On A Budget

Whether your house has been on the market a week or a year there are always ways to make it more appealing to buyers. And raise the market value in the process. You’ll be even more pleased to hear that there are ways to do this without spending a lot of money.

As you have clearly already discovered (because you’re reading this article) the internet is crammed full of useful advice. If you need any more help preparing your home for the market, check out Even this old DIY expert learned a few new things on their site.

Want to learn more about increasing the market value of your home, on a budget? Read on…

#1- Install new taps

This first hack is so simple and will take less than five minutes, but it will win over potential buyers.

No matter how old your sinks and bathtubs look, the right taps can take them from looking outdated to intentionally vintage.

If you’re feeling adventurous why not try installing gold or brass colored taps and add a little glamour back into your bathroom.

Bonus tip – whilst you’re at it why don’t you redo the grouting around your bath and sink.

#2 – Paint your tiles

This next hack is going to shock you. Hate the color of your bathroom tiles? Want something more trendy, but can’t afford to place the whole room’s worth?

Pick yourself up a tin of tile paint. Yes, that’s right you can get paint designed especially to go over tiles. Meaning that you can change the colors of your bathroom as often as you like. Without having to worry about buying new tiles or hiring someone to install them.

#3 – Install a backsplash

We love this hack as it requires so little work, and can completely change the vibe of your kitchen.

Installing a ‘backsplash’ above your kitchen countertops can be a great way to change how the room looks. Pick a color that you think will make your kitchen look as desirable as possible and off you go!

Can’t afford new tiles? Why not reuse your tile paint from tip #2 and repurpose some sad-looking older tiles.

#4 – Hang up more mirrors

This is a hack that we’ve taken straight from the handbook of an award-winning interior designer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is it true you can really sell my home?

Well, it turns out that mirrors really can make your homes a lot more appealing to buyers. Not only do they make rooms lighter and brighter but they also give rooms the illusion of being bigger.

Paint the frames of your mirrors white to give an even bigger impression of spaciousness.

#5 – Repaint your front door

All you’ll need for this next hack is a paintbrush, some newspaper, and a set of great tunes to keep you going.

Studies have shown that the three most attractive door colors to buyers are Teal, Bright Red, and White. Why not give your door a new lick of paint, polish your letterbox, and try adding a new door knocker.

It’s the little touches that make the big differences.

#6 – Add more plants

This is one of those rare hacks that is as equally appropriate to the inside of your house as it is to the outside.

Let’s start by talking about how more plants can help the outside of your house. Note, that when we say more plants we don’t mean overgrown gardens, what we mean are well-loved and neatly trimmed plants. Add some hanging baskets around your newly painted front door. Dig up some of your paving and put a lawn in. Add a climbing plant to hide your rundown fence. Create a little heaven in the middle of your city.

Plants can also make a huge difference indoors. They can brighten up an office or make a bathroom feel more like a spa. They’ll also improve the air quality of the rooms, and you’ll have someone to talk to.

#7 – Repaint your window frames

Our final hack is a pretty simple one, but it will strike your potential buyers as soon as they set eyes on your house.

Fashions have changed in the last few years, where dark window frames used to be in, now white is the color of choice. That’s not to say you have to go with something so basic. Go for a drive around your neighborhood and check out what color the coolest looking houses are using.


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