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Ensuring Your Real Estate Remains As Low-Maintenance As Possible

Those who live in high-end and luxury real estate tend to travel often, and this means they may not spend all of the year in one select property. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that we plan for keeping our homes in the best possible condition so that when we do return, our experience settling back in is less tiresome and intensive.

With that in mind, however, it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to jet-set all across the world in order to find the benefit of low-maintenance living. Ensuring your real estate remains as low-maintenance as possible can make sure larger spaces are easier to clean and keep in great condition.

But how can we achieve this without spending more than we need to? After all, even if we have the means to constantly manage our homes, we shouldn’t have to waste on unnecessary spending.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few worthwhile measures you can use to keep your high-end real estate in great condition:

Hire A Part-Time Gardener

A part-time gardener doesn’t spend all of their time working on your particular garden but can make sure it remains in good condition while you’re away. Put simply, with their time, you save your own time. If you equip them with a few worthwhile tools like an electric zero turn mower, or perhaps weed whackers, then they can keep up with the regular maintenance of your property clearly and efficiently.

From there, you may also ask them to look over your garden from time to time in specific areas. A pool cleaning service can help you keep this fixture working well, especially as you move out of the colder seasons into spring and summer. If you wish to gain even more value, then perhaps hiring a gardener to look over a few properties with your neighbors will ensure that year-round, your property is taken care of.

Install Privacy Fencing

Sometimes, keeping our property low-maintenance means restricting access to those who may not justifiably enter it, as well as keeping your privacy. The former consideration is worth keeping in mind because it can help you avoid people from encroaching onto your land.

If there’s a public footpath at the foot of your garden (but not on it) and you notice some people tend to walk through the property you own closer to your home, then this can help divide your space from that. Privacy fencing can also ensure that you mark out your driveway appropriately without providing mainline access to your house.

Something as simple as a front gate can prevent cars from using your driveway to turn around, rather than using the proper exit. When you can protect your space, its maintenance needs are automatically lessened.

Perfect Your Driveway

Getting your driveway right can prevent the need for so much unnecessary maintenance it’s almost amusing. Many people know just how easily tarmac driveways and brickwork implements can be damaged, and what a little disrepair can do for its aesthetic function.

For this reason, making certain that your driveway is appropriately finalized with a more professional, seamless and protective material is key. Resin epoxy driveways can provide this, as well as format the space more cleanly. From here, you’ll also find that a range of worthwhile and distinctive aesthetic functions can be implemented, enhancing the value of your wider real estate.

Package Storage Options

It’s often the front-facing trimmings of any property that become damaged more easily, especially if they’re exposed to the elements. At the foot of your driveway, then, it’s good to make sure your mailbox is protected and you have room for small packages.

For some, installing cast-iron postal boxes into a gate can be a great means of providing that, which serves as a fixture destined to last some time. It also prevents unnecessary guests from making their way onto your property, which of course, we’ve already discussed.

Hardwood Over Carpet

Carpet is notoriously difficult to maintain, especially when living in your property, and especially if living with children. Stains, scuff marks, and colors washing out are the most common issues, but that’s hardly an exhaustive list.

If low maintenance planning is really what you care about, then switching to hardwood floors can serve as a reliable alternative. Sealed laminate floors, large tile implements, and even marble floors in certain areas can provide a truly unique aesthetic to your home, will work with many different types of decors, and of course, can be easily altered in aesthetic value with well-placed rugs.

Thanks to how easy to clean and repair these materials are, you’ll be surprised just what a worthwhile alternative this can provide.

Quality Materials Matter

Opting for quality materials, as suggested with our epoxy resin example above, can determine the longevity of your home. Quality materials can be found and installed in many areas of the household.

To use our example, we’ll keep it simple. Using thorough treated wooden installations for your window frames can be a better, more robust, and stronger option than common alternatives like uPVC, for example. They look much better, too.

The same goes for fixtures like your front door. Large timber or metal applications that have deep structural strength and robust locking systems can keep you and your family safe. Low-maintenance security in this manner is often something you’ll enjoy without even thinking about it.

For some, adding robust additions to the house like storm shutters will protect the health of windows from flying debris, and this is essential in some countries and climates. Robust design, purposeful design, and wise investments will ensure that over time, your house enjoys better longevity without the need for constant and integral repairs.

With this advice, you’re sure to keep your real estate as low-maintenance as possible. This way, when repairs do need to be made, the solution will last rather than need constant inspection. This not only saves us time, but money, stress, and the value of our real estate.


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