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Finding a Qualified Electrician in Sydney – Hiring Tips

One of the benefits of living in a big city like Sydney is the availability and wide choice of all kinds of tradies. Whenever you need them, whether you don’t know how to fix something or you don’t have the time, one phone call can solve your problem.

But the question is, who to call? You may need electrical services quite often. The city network is often overloaded, which can result in a failure in the installations or devices in your home. Or maybe it’s a specific situation when you are renovating a house and want to replace worn wirings.

Whatever it is, you need a reputable and reliable electrician. You can do some minor repairs such as replacing a light bulb or power switch. Do other simpler repairs only if you have the right tools and knowledge of the electricity basics. But as you can see on this page, that’s not always a good idea. Think of hiring a professional to solve any breakdown in your house.

Look for Local Tradies

Most electrical breakdowns in your house are a kind of emergency. That’s the main reason why you need a local electrician to be available to you as soon as possible. You will find them online if you type the part of the city where you live as a keyword.

Besides, for local electricians, you can probably get recommendations from friends or close people who hired these tradesmen recently. Nice words and compliments are a good thing, but even so, you need to explore a bit more detailed.

Besides personal recommendations, see reviews from other clients. You can look for them on specialized websites and social networks. Check the web pages of a particular electrical company or independent tradie too. Although these reviews can sometimes be generic, you will surely come across praises and warnings written by real clients.

Proof of Expertise

The job of an electrician is not simple, as it requires knowledge of many fields such as electronics, physics, statics, and so on. But this profession is in high demand in Australia. That’s why many think that it is enough to enroll in the course, and they can already start working with clients.

The procedure of becoming a qualified electrician is a bit more complicated. Besides official training, it also requires a certain period of traineeship or apprenticeship. Only after several years of working as assistants can electricians get a license. This document means they have passed all required training and practice. And that’s what should be important to you when you hire someone for electrical repairs.

Checking if someone is a license holder or not is simple. All you have to do is ask. If you hire an independent tradie, they must show you the license, or at least tell you the number, so that you can check it yourself. In case you hired an electrician who is employed by the company, you can find out these details by calling their employers.

See the page below to inform about how to start a career as n electrician in Australia:

Insurance Coverage

Handling electricity, even when done by a qualified electrician, can be risky. Even the slightest mistake is enough to endanger lives and do significant damage. With that in mind, you certainly don’t want to risk any accident that can be an expense and a problem for you.

You must not hire an electrician who doesn’t have insurance. Any damage or injury that occurs in your house can burden your head (and your wallet). That can happen if you work with someone who doesn’t have a license and insurance but has a low rate per hour. An initial saving can quickly become a considerable expense.

License holding obliges electricians to have insurance. This certificate of currency protects not only a worker but also clients and all those who find themselves at the spot of an accident. It also applies to damage that the electrician caused to the client’s property.

Also, many insurance companies in Australia ‘condition’ policy owners to hire only qualified tradespeople. Only then can they get the coverage in the event of an accident caused by the shoddy or irresponsible work of the electrician.

Ask for Cost Estimate

Licensed electricians in Sydney generally have approximate hourly rates. These may depend on the type of service or part of the city. Because of these variations, it is advisable to be aware of the typical costs of electrical services. That can be a plus when negotiating.

The hourly rate is significant but by no means the deciding factor. In the case of minor repairs that won’t take longer than a couple of hours, it is useless to call a dozen electricians in search of a better rate. It’s enough to get in touch with 2 or 3 tradies who meet the above criteria. Ask them for the price of a particular service and when they are available for work.

For some bigger projects such as replacing the wirings when renovating the house, you can negotiate a price with a discount. In this case, it is necessary to have an electrician on the spot and a written cost estimate with all charges and discounts.

Communication Skills

Last but not least, you need someone who has good communication skills. Besides expertise, the electrician should be able to talk to a diverse range of people. As a Sparkyologist Electrician explains, they sometimes have to explain in simple language what the problem is, how they’ll solve it, what to do to prevent breakdowns, etc. In case of emergency, these tradies must also know how to handle crisis and upset homeowners.

Given the many dangers involved in working with electricity, it’s clear why you should leave these jobs to professionals. But you can’t hire a tradie or an electrical company you first run onto. Prior checking is necessary because every electrician must meet specific standards in order to do this job.


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