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Fixing and Repairing Your Granbury TX Air Duct and Cooling Units

Is your home equipped with a cooling system? If you are a resident of Texas, having an AC unit in your house isn’t surprising at all. Cooling systems are the only chance for Texas residents to withstand the unbearable heat of scorching summers.

Homeowners, however, often experience issues with their ductwork, such as leakage, dirty ducts, limited airflow, no insulation, improper ductwork design, etc. Considering the significant role of vents in the delivery of cool air in every room, AC problems should be addressed promptly.

There is a vast range of HVAC companies, such as, providing heating and cooling system repairs.

The following signs will tell you when your air ducts need to be fixed.


Air leakage is a common issue in cooling units in Granbury households, caused by either loose or improperly sealed ductwork. A significant portion of air is lost between twenty and forty percent when dealing with such a leakage. Consequently, there’s a substantial loss of energy, forcing the unit to use more power in an effort to keep the room temperature comfortable.

When working harder than usual, cooling systems waste energy, which ultimately leads to higher energy bills. Additionally, this type of leak paves the way for pollutants inside your house, having a severe impact on air quality. Not only harmful gases but pests and debris are also likely to enter the ductwork and trigger other AC problems.

Upon experiencing changes in room temperature, lack of ventilation, or costlier energy bills, make sure to hire HVAC experts to fix the leakage. These technicians will locate the source of the leak and seal the ductwork. In the event of debris buildup, they will clean the air ducts prior to sealing them.

Dirty air ducks

Another common cooling system issue residents of Granbury experience is dirty air ducts. Just a tiny hole or crack is sufficient for pollutants to penetrate the system and circulate around the house. If not cleaned for a couple of years, ducts are filled with all sorts of pollutants, such as dust, mold, insects, germs, carpet fibers, pollen, etc. When the cooling unit is running, these substances circulate in your home, thus affecting the health of every resident.

Moreover, indoor air quality is largely compromised when ductwork is dirty. The efficiency of the cooling unit suffers as well since the system is obstructed when working. In this type of scenario, hiring HVAC professionals to have the ducts cleaned is the best option. These are supposed to be cleaned every two to three years so as for the system to function properly. Check out this page to see if you should have the air ducts in your house cleaned.

Limited airflow

Airflow limitations are another frequent issue with cooling systems in Granbury households. When dealing with a problem of this type, homeowners experience an obstructed flow of cool air through the ducts, which is supposed to be delivered into all rooms in the house.

In most cases, restricted airflow is caused by crushed, twisted, or torn ducts. Nowadays, most homeowners prefer using plastic air ducts, usually located in their attics. Whenever a roofing or electrical project is performed in your home, the contractors working on it should pay special attention to the ductwork in order not to crush it or tear it apart.

Homeowners coping with restricted airflow should hire HVAC assistance in order for professional technicians to inspect the condition of the ductwork. Upon detecting any signs of damage, they will have the ducts replaced or repaired if feasible.

Lack of insulation

Lack of insulation or improper insulation of cooling systems is another frequent issue in Granbury households. When the ductwork lacks the necessary amount of insulation, the cool air circulating inside the ducts is likely to be affected by the heat from the environment. Consequently, your home won’t be as cool as expected due to the loss of cooled air.

When the issue is caused by an absence of insulation, make sure to hire HVAC professionals to insulate your ductwork. These workers use fiberglass insulation and foil in the process, the latter of which is used to secure the insulation. In order for the insulation to be effective, HVAC technicians should use one with a minimum of an R-6 value.

Unsuitable ductwork design

A large number of Granbury residents face issues with their cooling system ductwork due to an improper design. The size of ductwork varies across homes, as it depends on an array of factors like the size of the house, as well as the number of rooms. For example, if the ductwork is too large for the size of your home, the outcome would be substantial energy loss.

In contrast, when the ductwork is too small, the unit has to use additional power to reach optimal room temperature. As a result, the cooling system runs inefficiently and leads to a number of other issues. When suspecting a duct design issue, contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible to conduct an evaluation. Following the inspection, this professional will inform you whether the problem you cope with is related to the design or it originates from another source.

The bottom line

There is nothing worse than dealing with a faulty AC in the summertime.

Never ignore your ductwork, as most issues are related to this aspect of cooling systems.


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