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Flip Your House Faster

If you want to sell your property, you do not want it to be on the market for months. Now you have made up your mind that it is time to move on you want to find a buyer quickly, so what should you be doing to achieve that?

First Impressions Count

When a potential buyer sees the front of your property that is the first impression they have. You should be ensuring that the outside has curb appeal, or they may not bother to knock on your front door.

Start with the house itself. The windows and doors should all be in good condition, with their furniture polished and clean. Repair any defects with the roof and guttering, as problems with these can be something that puts people off. While doing all this, do not forget that the garage door might need some work as well.

If you have a porch, tidy it and make sure it is clean. Remember all of this is seen before you even open your front door. Next, move onto the garden. Mow the lawns and weed the flowerbeds, not forgetting to prune any shrubs that need cutting back. If you have off-road parking, the drive should be in good condition.

Making your home look as appealing as possible from the outside is a good start to attracting prospective buyers.

The Inside Matters Too

A makeover of your kitchen and bathroom is always a good idea, as it is said those are the two rooms that sell a house to most women. Improving your home is a brilliant way of getting a better price, but not if you have bodged jobs that look unprofessional.

Often, decluttering the room and some decorating will be enough to make them look as good as new. This applies to every room of your home. Installing a new bathroom suite is excellent, as long as it is done correctly. New windows, a conservatory or a pergola, can all add value to your home, but they must not look like DIY projects, even if they have been.

If your floors need attention, now is the time to do it. Hardwood floors will benefit from refinishing, while old tatty carpets should be ripped up and thrown away. Making use of nooks and crannies can make your home appear a bit larger than it is. A small shelf with a plant on in an unused corner can be very useful.

Walls and ceilings should be neutral colors. Although these might not be to your taste, they are better for viewers than bright or dark colors. Any broken glass, even an internal mirror, should be replaced along with anything else that is defective.

Make your attic into a usable space. This concept is a cheap way of adding an extra room that could be used for anything the new buyer wants. Clean and tidy the whole interior, as nothing is more off-putting than dirt.

Use Social Media

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other social media platforms, post photos of your house and the fact it is for sale. These days, social media is for more than just connecting with family and friends. You will find real estate pages where people just like you are showing off their homes.

You can target specific audiences as well, the ones that are looking for a new home. You never know, the perfect buyer might just be looking at social media the day you post your home. With literally billions of people logging into the various social media platforms every day, you have the potential for more people to see your home than any other way.

Try A Quick Sale Company

The situation can arise where you need to sell your house quickly, perhaps in a matter of days. This is not impossible if you think about selling a house to a company such as who will make you an immediate cash offer and put the money in your bank in a very short time compared to the traditional selling methods. Typically, you can expect to get a slightly lower price for your home, but if you need a rapid sale, this is an option well worth considering.

Try Different Realtors

You should get opinions as to the value of your home from several different realtors. Do not think the one that puts the highest value is necessarily the best. If your home is overpriced, it will never sell, and sometimes realtors that are being more realistic are the better option. Pricing your home to sell is vital if you do not want it still sitting with it’s for sale sign in many months time.

Look at the realtor track record, which you can easily do by looking at their website. How many people are trusting them to sell their homes? How many sold signs do they have? A site with lots of properties for sale usually denotes an active and good realtor, and you should look at them all carefully before deciding which one to use.

Take a ride around the area you live and see what for sale signs there are. See which realtors seem to be most active in your area, as it is not always the most local.

Do Whatever You Can

If you have made your house as presentable as possible, both inside and out, now you need to do whatever you can towards the selling process. Always welcome people into your home, and if they make remarks about it that you do not like, do not get aggressive or nasty with them. Remember, that everyone has different tastes and when you move into your new home there will no doubt be things you will change to suit you.

If they want to talk about the price, do not be afraid to negotiate with them. Sometimes, it is quicker and easier to come to a deal yourself, and let the realtor know afterward what has been agreed.


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