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Floor Pads: How To Choose The Right One For You

Who doesn’t like clean floors? What keeps floors sparkling are floor cleaning machines, but that’s not all. Floor scrubber pads play an important role too in removing stains and keeping the surface clean. Pads hold more importance because the wrong one can make even the best machine ineffective. This is why it is vital that you choose the right floor scrubber pads. In this article, you will find the only guide you will need to pick a suitable pad for your cleaning machine.

What floor pad type does your floor buffer need?

It is important to understand that there are different types of floor polishers and scrubbers in the market. Each type can be used with a specific floor pad variant. Therefore, it is necessary to question if a pad is suitable for the machine before you buy it. Click here to know more.

Yet another aspect to consider is the type of floor your client has. Certain pads can be used only on specific floors; otherwise, the damage is certain. Therefore, choose a pad that can be used on your client’s floor. Moreover, ensure you are choosing the right pad for your job requirements.

Understanding the colour-coding system for scrubber pads

Floor pads follow industry-standard colour codes. The colour of a pad indicates the level of aggressiveness it offers. Floor pads, if light shades are milder and light-duty, whereas darker ones are rougher and more aggressive. The only exception to the colour-coding system is the burnishing pad variant, which was generally aggressive and is used to buff floors at high speed. Buying and using the right-coloured pad is necessary to ensure your machine is not rendered ineffective and that your client does not have extra repair expenses after you are done with the floors.

Floor pad types

Given below are different types of floor pads and their use:

  • Polishing pads: These pads are the softest and can be used up to 5 times a week in a low-speed polisher. Compatible floor types include VCT, VAT, Sheet Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite and Concrete.
  • Buffing pads: These pads are light duty and can be used up to 5 days a week on VCT, VAT, Sheet Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite and Concrete floors. They work well with low-speed buffing machines.
  • Burnishing pads: Burnishing pads are great for dry buffing floors. They don’t have standard colour codes, so it is best to read the user manual to understand its applications. Common colours include grey, blue, tan, and green.
  • Conditioning pads: Conditioning scrubs that are brown coloured are considered aggressive. These are used between finishing coats on wooden floors and in removing the finish on the VCT floor to prepare for the recoating process.
  • Scrubbing pads: Scrubbing pads are designed to, well, scrub. As such, they are aggressive but not enough to remove the finishing of the floor. They are best used on VCT, VAT, and Sheet Vinyl floor types to remove scuff marks and heavy dirt using a low-speed machine.
  • Stripping pads: As the name suggests, these pads strip the floor of its finish, sealer, waxes, and dirt. Their standard colour is black but is available in brown and purple colours, as well.
  • Carpet cleaning pads: These pads are used for maintaining Looped Carpets and Coated Hardwood after vacuuming using a chemical cleaner or shampoo mist.


Floors often decide how people perceive a building. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them clean at all times. The right machine with a compatible floor pad, chosen based on your needs, the floor type, and the machine type, can do wonders to keep the floors shining.


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