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Foolproof Moving To-Do List

Moving has a lot of parts to it, and all the details can get overwhelming. If you make yourself a comprehensive to-do list, you will ensure that everything gets done in the proper order and everything gets done on time. Here is a foolproof list for the next time you move.

Make An Inventory List

As you go around your home, take a comprehensive inventory of everything you own. The reasoning behind this is that when you go to hire a movie company, they are going to ask you for this list in order to determine your price, what kind of vehicle they need to use, and how many people they are going to need for the move.

Do this right away and have all the info you need for the movers.


Get rid of everything you do not need. As you are going through your inventory list, start putting things to the side that can get donated or thrown in the trash. If you do a little bit at a time as you are going through your home, you won’t be bogged down by mounds of garbage while you are packing or when you are through boxing everything up.

Go through your stuff day to day and get rid of everything you do not need.

Hire Movers

Once your garbage has been thrown away and your inventory has been taken, hire movers. Companies like iMOVE make moving easy and when you have all of your info ready to go, you can have movers hired on the day you need them within minutes.

Have a Garage Sale

There may be a lot of items that you are willing to part with, and they may be worth a bit of cash. Before you start donating, start selling. Now that you have the price of your movers, any money made at a garage sale can go towards your moving expenses. This way, the move may very well pay for itself, and you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to move house.

Get Enough Boxes and Supplies

Now that you are down to just the stuff you are taking with you, now is the time to get supplies. Get every kind of box you can find. Small to extra large to picture and artwork boxes. Get ample amounts of bubble wrap because that goes fast, and get plenty of tape in order to secure all of your boxes.

Some people like to use companies like Bin-It. You can rent plastic bins for your move, stack everything neatly, then return the bins and be left with no garbage and no damage to your belongings. It’s the cleanest and greenest way to move.


There will be a lot of other things on your list that are unique to your moving situation. Do yourself a favor and write everything down so that you don’t forget a thing. Also, make a spreadsheet of all of your expenses so you know where your money is going and how much is going towards each expense. This will make your move a lot easier.

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