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Four Unique Ideas to Liven up Your Garden

If you are an avid gardener, you are probably always on the lookout for trends and unique landscaping ideas for your yard. Outside spaces have become a refuge for many homeowners as they spend hours upon hours tending to their lawn, beds and yards. If, however, you are looking to add a little personality or a contemporary aspect to your garden, consider these five unusual ways of livening up your space.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

Sustainability in the garden is not a new concept but it can be taken up a notch! Consider building a garden around the theme of going green and recycling and repurposing items you wouldn’t normally find in a garden. Old tires, plastic bottles, pallets, crates and even furniture can all be used in the garden. Use old tires to create segments of potted plants in your garden or use strips to create an interesting walkway.

Create a Vertical Garden

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a vertical garden may be right up your alley. Upright shelving fitted out with rectangular planters can transform a bland wall or area into a lush and green masterpiece. Take indoor hanging plants outside! Create a supported beam over a walkway and hang potted plants like succulents from the beam. The result could be an interesting talking point that needs very little tending to. If you have particularly green fingers, you could add a few vegetables and start incorporating them into your cooking.

Grow a Topiary Tree Garden

Every immaculately kept mansion in every movie depicts a perfectly sculpted topiary of an exotic animal or expertly shaped hedges and bushes. A topiary can create a real centerpiece to any garden and can even turn into a hobby and you might just find yourself reshaping and creating new and more interesting shapes and sculptures from your shrubs. You’ll want to opt for evergreen plants for your topiary trees with small leaves or even needles that can grow thick and dense without too many branches. Use topiaries to draw attention to specific parts of the garden or line paths and walkways.

Include a Treehouse Garden

The treehouse is the dream of every kid, but even as an adult you can find a place in your life for a lifted platform to enjoy some fresh air and drinks in the garden on a Sunday afternoon. These treehouses don’t need to be high in the air but should incorporate branches and greenery from large trees. Include some comfortable benches and pillows and you can lose yourself in a treehouse with a good book and sneaky gin and tonic. Build in a table with a well-made chessboard as part of the surface and you won’t ever want to leave your treehouse.

An interesting garden with fun and unique features can turn into a very relaxing space where you can escape the constant pressures of everyday life and enjoy some downtime tending to your green lawns, impressive topiaries, and rolling gardens. Once done, put your feet up in your treehouse and curl up with a good book.


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