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Get More Real Estate Clients With a Great Pitch Deck

Every day, you have to fight for your share of the pie. In today’s competitive environment, if you’re not a high-achiever, it can be hard to get ahead. But there are ways to make your work stand out from the rest and shine through as a leader in your field.

If you want people to take notice of what you do and give more credence to your thoughts than those of others, then put together an amazing pitch deck — the key tool for any successful business presentation or persuasive speech. A great pitch deck will set you apart by making it easy for people with limited time (or attention spans)to see how valuable and special what you offer is.

What is a pitch deck?

A presentation deck may be defined as a PowerPoint presentation that outlines an opportunity or presents a persuasive argument to investors, shareholders, or other decision-makers. The key elements of a successful and engaging pitch deck typically include:

  • A one-page executive summary.
  • A seven to ten slide presentation that condenses the entire concept into an easy-to-understand, and well laid out format. This is where you’ll include all your facts and figures
  • Market comparisons, charts and graphs, and data, etc.
  • The final page should summarize your business model and include a clear call to action.

Benefits of Pitch Decks

  • A great business deck will not only save your prospect time and give them more information about what you do, faster, it will also help you stand out from the rest and convince them to hire you for the job. Here is how:
  • It highlights your strengths: A well-designed presentation can do wonders for selling your value and expertise. It can highlight the results you’ve achieved in your field and how others in it have benefited from them.
  • It builds trust: A great pitch deck will show people that you’re organized, professional, and well prepared. This will put them at ease and make them more comfortable with working with you.
  • It helps you stand out: Many people get lost in a sea of other professionals or companies vying for the same jobs. You can differentiate yourself from the rest by having an impressive presentation that outlines your business plan, capabilities, and how you’ll achieve results.
  • It makes them realize what they get with you: A good presentation will help people better understand what they’ll get by working with you. By demonstrating the benefits of hiring you, you can do wonders for closing business deals and landing new clients.

6 tips on how to make a great real estate pitch deck

Start with a one-pager.

The first thing you should do is to analyze the project, idea, or business plan for which you are being hired. Then create an executive summary that highlights your key contribution to it and why what you’re offering is valuable. This will be the basis of your whole presentation, so make sure it’s both engaging and enticing.

Keep it simple, but not too simple.

A pitch presentation needs to provide enough information for your audience to see the value of what you’re offering while also providing them with a quick summary of who you are, what you do, and how it will impact their lives in a positive manner. It should be interesting enough to grab their attention, but not so complex that it’s difficult for them to understand.

Use bright colors.

People are more likely to pay attention when something is colorful, so use your presentation background, charts, graphs, and visuals to highlight the most important points of what you’re saying. Colors can also help you stand out from the crowd and get your audience’s attention.

Make it easy to read.

In addition to using visuals, you should also use bullet points that are clear, precise, and concise. This will make them easy for people to see at a glance while also giving them just enough information about what you’re saying without overloading them.

Design it well.

A good pitch deck design presentation should be appealing to the eye, without looking too much like a simple PowerPoint or a childish design. Make sure to use graphics and charts that make sense, as well as a balance of colors, text, and style that is easy for people to read and navigate from page to page. To give you an idea, here are some pitch deck examples from Venngage — a great pitch deck maker for free.





Add a call to action.

On the last page of your presentation, include a clear call-to-action phrase that tells people what you want them to do next. This could be setting up a meeting, contacting their team, or providing more information about who they can contact for further details.

Real estate is a lucrative industry that many people aspire to be in. However, it’s also one of the most competitive and hard-to-break into fields out there. To get ahead of your competition, you need an impressive pitch deck that will wow potential customers with your knowledge and expertise while making them feel like what you offer is worth their time and money.  The six tips we’ve provided should help you create a great real estate sales deck for any type of project or business venture you’re trying to sell. Give these principles some thought before crafting up the perfect presentation for yourself!



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