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Giving Your House a New Look: How to Find the Best Remodeling Contractors

Are you looking to upgrade some of the features in your house or completely remodel to get it ready to sell?

This idea is exciting but if you aren’t a DIY master, you will need to consider hiring remodeling contractors. Unfortunately, there are many scam artists that are always looking to take your money, leaving you with an expensive mess.

We’re going to look at how to hire the best contractors to ensure you get the best results for the best price! Keep reading for more information!

You Get What You Pay for

Sure, you want to save money while remodeling your home–but a bid that far lower than all of the competition is a red flag. An absurdly low bid could mean many things: the contractor is desperate for work, they use inadequate materials, or the contractor knows that their skills are otherwise lacking.

On the opposite side, an incredibly high bid or estimate does not mean you will receive the best work. Ideally, the cost of the work will fall somewhere between super low and insanely high pricing.

Additionally, when you are talking numbers with a potential contractor, be honest about your budget and ask for any estimates to be written. Your budget will allow them to know what they’re working with and a written estimate protects you should the end cost be far higher than anticipated.

Ask Around

Referrals are an excellent way to find contractors for a remodeling project. Read reviews online, but also ask friends and family who have used local contractors.

With a personal recommendation from someone you trust, you won’t have to worry about paid or fake reviews. You will also hear ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ about the contracting company.

Hire Remodeling Contractors on the Up & Up

You can choose to hire your brother-in-law’s college roommate that does ‘side projects’ on the weekend. However, chances are, remodeling isn’t their full-time job and they may not have the proper insurance for the job at hand.

Not only do you need to hire a contractor that is legitimate when it comes to insurance, but you should also look into their certifications and credentials.

Additionally, do not move forward with remodeling projects if your contractor won’t bother with the proper local permits. These permits may seem silly, but skipping them may cost you in the long run.

These costs may just include fines, but often require the removal of any additions or remodeled areas. Remodels that are completed with the correct permits also make it easier to sell your home and lessen your liability to future homeowners.

Making Your Decision

If you are lucky enough to find multiple remodeling contractors that fit each of your qualifications, it will be difficult to choose the best one for your project.

However, if there’s more than one option left at the end of the day, pick the person you feel most connected with. This will allow you to keep the lines of communication open and be far happier with your end results.

For more ideas on remodeling projects and how they can benefit your home’s value, keep browsing our blog!


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