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Giving Your House The “Luxury Factor” To Upsell It

When you’re trying to sell a property, making a healthy profit is often the hardest part. If you’re moving then you’ll want as much financial security as possible to help you with your new home. So it’s crucial to squeeze all of the potential value out of your existing property before you sell it. The best way to do that is to give your house the “luxury factor.” If you really want to upsell your property then you need to blow away potential buyers. You need to improve their perception of your household so that they believe it’s worth the added value. Here’s some advice on giving your home the luxury factor in order to upsell it.

There’s nothing more luxurious than space (and lots of it)

When buyers are looking for a luxury home, they want spaciousness. You might think that a home needs to be adorned with a heap of expensive decor in order to be deemed “luxurious”, but that isn’t the case. And that’s why it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune in order to give your home the luxury factor and massively raise its value. In the modern age, luxury is all about contemporary design and an open plan. Your home needs to feel as large as possible. That’s what potential buyers are looking for in a new property. They’re looking for room to grow. They’re looking for a large and spacious home in which they can spread their wings.

You should strip back your home to the essentials. Minimalism is the goal. And we’re not just talking about de-cluttering; we’re talking about the color themes and styles used throughout your house. Neutral colors are minimal, for example, because they’re plain and calming. Repainting your walls white and getting neutral-colored furnishings could really help to reflect light and brighten up your home. Lighting is important in a home, and this will give the impression that your home is vibrant, warm, and spacious. Those three things equate to luxury in the mind of a homeowner.

One focal point per room can really tie everything together

Focal points are very powerful when it comes to giving a household the “luxury factor”. Granite counter tops could give the kitchen a luxurious feel. An exotic houseplant could add some natural vibrancy and color to your living room. You might even want to check out a company such as Sterling Sleep Hospitality for hotel-quality mattresses to really spruce up the bedrooms. A small detail such as a luxurious bed can be the focal point that really ties a room together. As mentioned in the previous point, making your home look luxurious isn’t about overwhelming it with expensive possessions; it’s about achieving a visually-captivating aesthetic. And that can often be achieved with one powerful focal point in a room.

Curb appeal is absolutely essential

If you want to convince buyers that your home is a luxury property that’s worthy of its high-value price then you need to make a good first impression. Curb appeal is everything in the property market. It’s not enough to make your home look fantastic on the inside – it needs to look fantastic on the outside. If you repainted the interior then you need to repaint the exterior. Everything needs to be consistent. You should power-wash the driveway to give it a brand-new feel. You could even re-pave the path leading up the house or plant some trees to give the front of your property a vibrant natural aesthetic.


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