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It’s Goin’ Down: 5 Finished Basement Ideas to Create New Space

In a shocking recent study, half of homeowners would give up sex if they could get more closet space. While this might seem like a pretty extreme way to get space for your old clothes, it’s clear that this is lacking for millions of people. With some clever finished basement ideas, you can ensure that you have the space you need when you need it.

Here are five smart ideas to consider for your finished basement.

1. A Quiet Library

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to create a quiet place for everyone to relax in your home. If you can’t seem to find space on the upper levels of your home, then you should consider a finished basement as a great place for your library. In a quiet space where you can add carpeting and control the lighting, you’ll have the perfect library.

The only major concern for putting a library in a finished basement is the fact that you’ll be contending with humidity. Humid books grow mold and could end up ruining all your favorite novels. However, if you’re able to find a way to dehumidify your basement, you’ll be able to protect your books and your basement.

Finding a place to escape and find some quiet time is challenging without having space for it. Finishing your basement adds on extra space that ensures you get what you’re looking for without having to invest in any additions or a new home altogether.

2. A Place For Your College Grad

As more college grads are now living at home you can bet that if you’ve got college students in your family, they might need the help. Without the economic help of putting a roof over their head, your college grad might struggle to find footing. As they’re looking for a job, they won’t have to work for the basic subsistence of their living expenses.

While you might need to set limits now that your children or family members have grown to adulthood, it’s a good way to help provide for your kids. Even if you’re of limited means or don’t have a lot of funding to support your children, this is a gift better than cash. Having a roof over your head takes off some pressure, lets them take risks, and helps them to come up with a plan for their next move.

When you’re getting out into the job market, it can take several dedicated months to find the work you’re looking for. Even in lucrative industries with strong job markets, finding work takes a lot of focus and energy.

Let them focus on growth by offering a roof over their head.

3. A Trophy Room

If you’re a sports family or an accomplished athlete, you might run out of space dedicated to your accomplishments. Taking up space in the main rooms or in those most important arteries of your home could feel cluttered. While you want people to be able to see what you’ve done, you don’t need them in your front room.

The best alternative is to put everything in a room where you can see it, but it isn’t in the main space that you need day to day. A trophy room is a great investment for people who have a lot of trophies or medals that show off their accomplishments. If you and your family have devoted a lot of time and energy to becoming stars at a given sport, then you’re going to need a place for your awards.

Even if your trophies are only photos showing the cultural and political figures you’ve met, you need a place to display them.

4. Playroom for Kids

While having your kids play outside is an important and fast disappearing feature of American life, you need a safe space for all weather play. when you build a playroom for your kids, that room can grow as your kids do. It doesn’t always have to contain blocks and action figures.

As your kids grow, you can trade the action figures dolls for a ping pong table or their favorite crafting tools. If your kids get into painting or sculpture, you’ve already got a place for them to explore their interests with their friends.

While no two playrooms are going to look the same, they all share the common factor of contributing to the growth of your children. You’ll provide a safe place for your children to grow under circumstances where they’re protected.

5. Room For Visitors

One of the best things you can do for your friends and family is to have a place for them to stay when they visit. While it’s hard for you to always build an extra room or reserve space that’s only for them, you can mark off a section of your basement for them. A place that’s climate controlled, with good airflow, and quiet while they sleep ensures that they have a place to rest.

To make sure it’s quiet, take some time to learn more about soundproofing.

When your friends and family come to visit, life gets in the way of time you spend together. While they might want to see the sights in your city, you may have to work through that week. If that’s the case, you can ensure you see them at night or get to share breakfast together every day with them staying in your spare room.

Finished Basement Ideas Can Save Money

One of the reasons you could be saving money with the right finished basement ideas is by not shopping for a new home. When you get what you need from the home you have, you get to spend money on other things like vacations, anniversaries, or fun gadgets to help you relax.

To make the most of the other spaces around your home, check out our guide for tips.


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